Uisge Ban Falls

If you’re like me the first time I saw that name I had no idea how to pronounce it. It’s Gaelic as Cape Breton has very strong Irish and Scottish roots. It’s pronounced ISH-kuh Ban Falls. It’s Gaelic translation is “white water”. However, according to the Canadian Geological Database it is Easach Ban Falls. There are two trails leading to the falls. The short trail is about 1 mile in length and will get you to the falls in less than a half hour. The longer is closer to 3 miles will take about an hour. However, it follows the river to the falls. The boys are familiar with hikes as I take them on occasion. We took the short path, though, on account that we had more traveling to do. 

The trail is fairly rugged. Roots finger their way across the path. Roots claw their way over bolders in search of better soil, proving that paper does indeed beat rock. There are bridges to cross at which the boys would toss leaves and stick from to watch see them float away in the current of the river. There are more photo opportunities than you can shake a stick at. 

Once you are at the falls you will essentially be in a three sided bowl whose sides are 500 feet high. Your eyes and ears will feast upon two waterfalls. The lower is about 10 feet high. The upper falls allow water to cascade 50 feet and pool on a platau before flowing down the lower falls. 

It was an absolutely beautiful October Saturday. Clear skies. 20 degrees (C) (70F). The leaves have started changing, though they’re not quite in their full glory yet. A few leaves littered the path. Hikers galore seized the day. Even though we were an hour and 15 minutes from home we managed to meet three families from home. Every time a dog passed us the boys would ask its owner, “Can I pet your dog?” We (when I say “we” I mean DW) taught them to ask first. If given permission they then hold out their hand for the dog to sniff. If the dog gives permission then they can pet. 

Sorry, Pa. We still couldn’t find your sunglasses (he lost/forgot a pair there about 10 years ago). 

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16 thoughts on “Uisge Ban Falls

  1. Looks beautiful! We just got back from VA, where I saw silver maples. I hadn’t seen them in ages. I forgot how pretty they are.
    We’re still kind of sweating down here, although the humidity is only 50%. Fall will come – one day.

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