Sunday Night Share

Another week has come and gone. Another week begins. I’m slipping this post in under the wire. I didn’t want to miss my chance to share some good read with you. It’s still Sunday here. Matthew is on his way. We’re not getting much, just a bunch of rain. Nothing new for these parts this fall. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canadaland. Stay tuned Tuesday to read about our hiking/shopping trip yesterday. 

Happy reading!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher
I love reading the conversations with Lucifer…

Coach Daddy
6 word stories and a passport…

Adequate Dad
Finding a real hero in an unlikely place

Not the Average Mama
On speaking to children

Nikki Bayouth
What parents should know about teachers

9 thoughts on “Sunday Night Share

  1. Thanks for the inclusion, brother. I checked out the Return of the Modern Philosopher – great stuff. Also, sorry about the Blue Jays. And the Orioles before that. And that the Montreal Expos moved to Washington. Also, that time when no Canadian teams went to the Stanley Cup playoffs. And one more – sorry Warren Moon left the CFL for the NFL.

    But mostly, I’m appreciative to be included in this awesome list. Thank you, Eric.


    • Poor Canada. At least they got me. The Modern Philosopher writes some good stuff. His talks with Satan are a Sunday regular. You know who else writes great stuff? You do! No problem including you. Love your stuff…

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