Questions I Asked My Kids (episode 23!)

Don’t talk to me. I’m cranky as fff… well, just know that I’m cranky. Last night I asked the boys these 10 questions. For a little fun we recorded their answers on video, too. After they were in bed I took the SD card to my computer, plugged it in and clicked “import videos”. When I opened the folder to edit the two videos together they weren’t there. I checked the SD card and it was empty.


They didn’t import. They deleted! GRRRR!


If you check back here this evening there just may be a video if we can redo it after school.

Anyway, I may be a crankpot this morning, but hopefully you’re not. And even if you are, hopefully these answers will help put a smile on your face.

1 Did you have any dreams?

Crash: Yes. I was skateboarding in the parking lot and zombie shows up out of the bushes. He attacked me and I turned into the Lego Zombie skateboarder
Bang: Yes, but I can’t remember.

2 Where would you like to go camping?

Crash: In the backyard
Bang: North America

3 Where do hummingbirds go for the winter?

Crash: Somewhere it’s warm, like Florida
Bang: In their nest.

4 How do you get to Nana and Pop Pop’s house?

Crash: Take 5 hour drive in a car (*note: it’s actually a 20 hour drive in the truck)
Bang: Go to an airplane station to go on an airplane

5 What’s one thing you wish you could do in school?

Crash: Have a food fight
Bang: Make a mess

6 How much weight can dad lift?

Crash: 130 pounds
Bang: 139 pounds

7 How much weight can you lift?

Crash: 90 at max
Bang: 105 pounds

8 Dad just bought an elephant. What should we do with it?

Crash: Ride it
Bang: Make it jump around in the house

9 What time do you want to go to bed tonight?

Crash: Never!
Bang: 8:39

10 Where do you want to go on vacation?

Crash: The Disney Cruise Ship
Bang: I want to go to the zoo to see penguins.


Please, if you don’t know Kid President, look him up on YouTube. He will seriously make your day great.

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