Getting Lost in October

I can find my way through October without a map. I’ve done it 39 times already.

I can’t find my way through a corn maze with a map. I tried. Next year I’m giving the map to DW to see how she fairs. Chances are good she’ll succeed where I failed. That’s what DW does. I’m okay with that.

We visited Riverbreeze Farm last weekend and we had a blast. There were some new attractions along with the old favorites.

  • Corn maze
  • tractor ride
  • pumpkin patch
  • Gator (the 4×4 kind) train
  • tetherball
  • bouncy pillow (much like a giant trampoline)
  • goat feeding
  • petting area (llama, sheep, bunnies, goats
  • tube slide
  • hay bale “Castle climb”
  • tug of war
  • sling shot
  • tractor tire obstacle course
  • spinning vortex 
  • laser tag

So much to do in one afternoon. We skipped the first three items on the list. We saved them for the end because we knew they would take the most time. Plus I sure as hell wasn’t walking around a farm all afternoon carrying pumpkins through a corn maze. I love my kids dearly, but even that’s pushing it. 

So we ran willy nilly from riding to petting to climbing to tugging. The boys were having a blast while DW and I were bobble heads trying to keep up with them. 

Finally the time came to enter the corn maze. They warned us to allow at least an hour to get through it. The fun part of the maze is the “who done it” puzzle you solve as you find your way through. There are 6 stations set throughout the maze and each one will give a clue as to who “killed” farmer Joe with what weapon and where. By process of elimination you solve the puzzle and earn an extra chance to a win a trip “down south”. With a map and a clue card we set off.

This is what we got ourselves into…

Only 2 farms in Canada were given permission to use Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Station 1- check

Station 2- check

Station 3 – Anyone know where are? I hear voices, follow them.

Station 4- check

Station 5 and 6 we walked in circles for a while until we found a family who was more competent with a map. In my defence, I’m excellent with a road map. I spent years driving around scouting corn crops. Some weeks I would drive 1400 miles. I know how to use a map. This was completely different! 

Yes, I got us lost. We knew it was going to happen. It’s part of the attraction. So we followed the 5 year old. “Follow the sun.” he told us. With a little help we found our way out. 

With a half hour to spare we jumped on the last wagon ride to the pumpkin patch. The commentator told us that the pumpkins were $5 each. But we could get them for free if we came back at night. He told us if we took that option we better cross the field in 9 seconds because the bull can cross it in 10. 

In the patch, Bang picked out a pumpkin. The smallest, green pumpkin. DW and I wanted our $5 worth and we wanted pumpkins we’ll be able to carve. Bang was sad. So he and I returned to pick out a 3rd pumpkin. We agreed on a small, “ghost” pumpkin. It was pale yellow, almost white. 

We headed back and caught the wagon ride back to the main area, Bang carrying his ghost pumpkin. It didn’t make it off the farm. He dropped and it broke right in half. DW and I fussed at him for not being more careful and for wasting $5 on a pumpkin just for it to smash. He was okay with it. “I wanted it in two pieces, anyway.” 


Overall, it was great day. We all had a blast. We can’t wait to go back next year!

26 thoughts on “Getting Lost in October

    • It is so much fun. Especially one of this size. There really is no danger of getting so lost you can’t get out. There are so many paths that if you simply make sure you keep heading the same direction you’ll eventually find your way out πŸ˜€

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    • I suppose they could be less fun in a less fun maze. We’re luck that our maze is always arranged in a way that makes it difficult to actually get lost. Wander for a bit and you’ll eventually find your way out. There are very few dead ends.


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! And that maze looks so cool. We were hoping to go to the farm near us this weekend that does something like that, but will have to wait until next weekend with the hurricane coming in.

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  2. We took my step son to a corn maze when he was 6. Keep in mind it was a kids corn maze. It wasn’t that big. We should have been able to make it through in under 30 minutes. It took us an hour and a half… Why? Because Wes was convinced the corn field was full of coyotes just waiting to eat him so he decided to run through it. We followed behind and he got us so turned around we couldn’t even remember which way we came in. In his mind we were dead. Lost in a corn maze with hungry coyotes. His life was over. He refused to move from wherever we were because it was obviously coyote free so obviously they were nearby waiting on us. My husband tried to pick him up and he screamed so loudly the guy that was working the maze came running at full speed because it sounded like we were cutting his legs off. After the guy finally calmed him down by assuring him for 15 minutes that there were no coyotes he led us out. We were literally 100 feet from the end and had no clue. That was 4 years ago. Haven’t been in a corn maze since.

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    • What a traumatic event! (Is it okay to laugh a little bit?) Fortunately, my kids weren’t afraid of coyotes. The youngest was more worried about “following the sun”. Perhaps he’ll feel safer in a pumpkin patch?


      • It’s perfectly OK. I’m not gonna lie I laughed while it was happening. I have no clue where his fear of coyotes came from he’s never seen one in real life lol. I should have expected it considering the first thing he asked the guy working the maze if he had a gun to shoot the coyotes with. He was also convinced that they only lived in corn fields, his imagination was quite extensive. He’s 10 now so we’re going to try the corn maze again this year. I’ll let you know how that turns out lol. His biggest fears now are ghosts and brain eating ameba living in lakes and the ocean. He watches too much TV…


      • That’s a seriously impressive list of things to be afraid of! Wild imagination! Can’t wait to hear how Corn Maze: Attempt Number 2 goes πŸ˜€ Ghost don’t live in corn. Perhaps he should watch “Children of the Corn” the night before πŸ˜‰

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  3. Sounds like you had lots of fun. I sometimes miss those opportunities with the kids, as I never had any myself (probably for the better), but there is still a kid inside, that loves everything that goes along with Halloween, including my birthday on the 31st!

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    • HAHA! This is our second year in a row. We used to live across the road from a corn field though. So our oldest is used to corn fields. Last year didn’t go so well because the 4 year “got tired” of walking about hundred yards into the maze. This time we could barely keep up with him.


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