Sunday Share October!

I need a fall bucket list, folks. Bon fires and camping and hiking and corn mazes (check that one off). I got to get this stuff done before snow comes! Here in Canada that could be any day.

Today’s share is a little different. I simply did a search for “Autumn” in my reader and these blogs caught my eye…

Her Lady Pink Rose – Petals Unfolding

Blue Eyes Gray Eyes – Lets Be Lost

Firefly Dance – Dancing with Fireflies

Mrs. Twinkle – Cozy Campfire

The View From The Porch

I hope you enjoy the fall as much as do. Mother Nature puts on her best show and her favorite colors. She also provides the perfect temperature for getting out to enjoy it all!


10 thoughts on “Sunday Share October!

  1. I’m so glad that fall is here (well, the activities, at least, since it’s still very warm here). We did some decorating over the weekend, can’t wait for everything the month has in store.

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