Sunday Share September

We took a trip to an alpaca farm today.  The boys loved it. We had been there before but it was 2 years ago. We know the lady who raises the alpacas so it was nice to see her and hear some stories since we’d last been to the farm. Their wool is amazing! Softer and warmer than a sheep’s wool. Perfect for Canadian winters. There will be more on that tomorrow.

The Beauty of Doing Nothing
Being a good dad is tough…

That’s What Anxious Mom Said
I’m a Sith Master named Baham Binarblast, who are you?

Pencils and Purpose
Making high tech low tech and bringing it to the classroom…

Build A Dean
Now I’m feeling sleepy…

Back To School Margaret
Kids these days…

And shameless plug for my YouTube page. I have uploaded a few videos since I last gave myself a shout out. I’m up to 13 videos and 9 subscribers! 9 is my lucky number. 999 would be even luckier (just sayin’)


Or laugh at you when you do stupid stuff like trip and almost put your head through the wall.



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