Questions I Asked My Kids About School

Just as a foreword, these questions were asked at totally separate times. Neither one saw each other’s answers. Yet their answers are very similar. Who doesn’t love gym, though!

1 What was your favorite part of school today?

Crash: Gym
Bang: The gym

What is one thing you learned about today?

Crash: Filling out stuff (he filled in a hundreds chart)
Bang: I learned a new game in gym

3 What did you eat for lunch?

Crash: Ham/cheese/turkey wrap, Goldfish, strawberries, Oreo crackers (Thinsations)
Bang: Cheese, butter crackers, granola bar

4 What is your teacher like?

Crash: Extremely nice (he needs strict, not nice)
Bang: She is kind.

5 What’s one thing you want to learn in school this year?

Crash: Division or how to do a backflip in gym
Bang: Play new games

6 Did you or your teacher read any books today?

Crash: I did. I read two chapters of Geromino Stilton The Journey Through Time “Midieval Mission”
Bang: The Kissing Hand

7 What’s your favorite thing to do in school?

Crash: Math (This is shocking, actually. He used to hate math)
Bang: Play in the water table

8 What did you play at recess?

Crash: All I can remember is that it was two friends and I. All we did was walk around.
Bang: I was playing train and saying “All Aboard!” and I was climbing up to steer the train.

9 Did anything funny happen at school?

Crash: One friend did something funny (I don’t remember what he did) and another friend said “real funny friend”
Bang: My teacher read one book that was funny. I don’t remember what book it was.

10 Did you have any dreams?

Crash: Yes. I was getting a newspaper from the dumpster and then I fell in. Then the recycling truck came and it threw me in the back into the stinky garbage. It went to the dump and that’s when I woke up.
Bang: Nope.

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16 thoughts on “Questions I Asked My Kids About School

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  2. OMG. I don’t know where to start. Confession first: I really really hated gym. (Will you still be my friend?) I think that’s because I was a girl, pre-Title Nine. You probably know what that is, but just in case, it was an act that made all sports accessible for girls in school. Before Title Nine, girls pretty much played dodgeball in the gym wearing bloomers. Honest. But the real reason is that we had communal showers. I still have nightmares about the communal showers. OK. Done with that! Speaking of nightmares, that one about the dumpster is really distressing! Hope the story behind it isn’t too scary! Great post. I just love Crash and Bang. But then, so do you! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll let you slide on the whole I-hate-gym thing. There are worse things to hate (chocolate). And with it being all before title 9 it’s even more forgivable. The story behind the dumpster dream is kinda funny. One day, the boys and I were walking home from somewhere and we cut through a hotel parking lot. Behind the hotel are two dumpsters – one marked “trash” the other “paper/cardboard”. Bang asks “Can I see inside the dumpster?” Of course I show him, what’s the harm? I chose the paper/cardboard over the trash one. Inside we saw a stack of yesterday’s newspapers. I took one. I like the crossword (and sometimes the news). Now whenever we’re out and about one of the boys asks “Want to check for newspapers, dad?”

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