The Matches We’d Like to Make, in 6 Words

24 short stories for your amusement. Yesterday was Matchmaking Day and Eli’s “strange blogging friends” wrote 6 words matching things they think belong together. Comments have been disabled here. Please visit the original…

Just a dad ...

mix 6 words lede Never trust a T.I.E.-fighter pilot in a crayon conundrum.

Like The Greg Kihn Band says, “they don’t write ‘em like that anymore.”

Check out this old-school ad for Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups.

6 words graphicForget the fact that a woman would prance down the boulevard chomping from a jar of peanut butter with her bare hands (dreamy as it sounds.) Forget the creepy old dude who pops in with a candy bar near the end. Chocolate and peanut butter, circa 1927, were separate entities.

Until they mash together through forces of the universe. Sometimes, the combination proves dastardly (a bobcat and me in a phone booth, for instance). Other times, it’s pure magic (onion rings on a cheeseburger, or The Beverly Hillbillies, in fact.)

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