Questions I Asked My Kids

OMG! OMG! Guess what today is! It’s September 1st. In case you have forgotten (like I almost did) the Taboo Word Challenge starts today! It’s not too late to join. In fact, it’s open to join all month! The word list is in my sidebar. There’s a new word for each weekday. Today’s taboo word is “at”. Can you write a post without it?

For me, it will be easy to do today. It’s question day. A day that will make you laugh, giggle, chuckle, or just make you breath out of your nose really hard. Please don’t get snot on anything should you choose the last option. Though with two kids running around here, snot is not in short supply for us…

Happy reading!

1 What’s something adults do that you can’t do but wish you could?

Crash: Stay up late every night
Bang: Lift a giant bolt

2 Did you have any dreams?

Bang: I was biking on the grass and my back tire fell off. You couldn’t put it back on and neither could I so you called the cops to help.

3 We saw Halloween stuff in the stores yesterday. What do you want to dress up as this year?

Crash: Oh God. I have no clue. Um.. a creeper.
Bang: A ghost.

4 What are you most excited to do in school?

Crash: Multiplication
Bang: Playing

5 What’s the best and worst thing about dad?

Crash: Best- You help me when I need help
Worst- He doesn’t let me stay up as late as he does
Bang: Best- you let us paint rocks
Worst- you poop and you don’t let me have a sleepover to my friend’s (a girl) until I’m 15

6 What’s the best and worst thing about mom?

Crash: Best- She lets me have sleepovers with Nan
Worst- She gets cranky
Bang: Best- I love her
Worst- her pee

7 What food do you dislike the most?

Crash: Gravy
Bang: Pickles and apple pie. I hate apple pie.

8 How tall do you hope to grow up to be?

Crash: 6 feet
Bang: 6 feet and 30 hundred inches (256 feet total)

9 What animal would you like to be and why?

Crash: Pig because you get to roll around in mud and eat carrots and oink a lot.
Bang: If the cops were chasing me I’d want to be a cheetah because I like being fast

10 What word is fun to say?

Crash: Scrumdiddlyumptious
Bang: Love. No wait. Scrumptious. (he just heard his brother’s answer)

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31 thoughts on “Questions I Asked My Kids

  1. multiplication! wow. I’m impressed! Is he going to say statistics in the next few years? 🙂
    Can’t stop laughing at Crash’s response on poop. And sleepover at a girl’s at 15? Really, Dad? 😉 I want to be able to lift a giant bolt too!

    Btw, am scheduling a post on your taboo challenge – but the link you gave on “Get the InLinks code and share it on each of your challenge posts!” takes me to the homepage of inzlink and not the code to link up. Does that sound right?


    • He’s started memorizing his multiplication facts. I time him so he can see that he’s getting better and faster at them. He gets excited to see that his times are getting faster because he knows his facts better. I fixed the link to the “Get nLinkz code” so it should work now. You might need to set up an account (it’s free) then it’s just a matter of copying and pasting it to your post.

      Liked by 1 person

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