Something happened this evening and I feel I need to share it.

I’m thankful for the community we live in. The town is a small town with about 3,000 people. However, it’s the community within the community I’m appreciating right now.

There are five houses and we all share a nice big backyard. No fences. No borders (except for the mowing lines). There are 8 kids at the elementary school age. There are several more older a few younger. 

Lots of kids.

Lots of parents.

It’s not uncommon for Crash and Bang to disappear for a couple hours. We know which houses they’ll be visiting, who they’ll be playing with. That is… if they’re not here with their friends. 

Anyway, I got a call tonight from a parent in our community. Bang was playing next door to her. She told me that a car had driven past her and her neighbor’s house. Then the car slowed and seemed to be eyeing Bang and his friend playing in the driveway near the sidewalk. She told me the guy in the car turned his car around at the next driveway and slowly drove by the kids again. He then took off when he spotted her husband watching. I thanked her profusely.

Then I went and talked to Bang his friend. They had moved back to the top of the driveway away from the road and were “making poison”. Mud and crab apples to give to me the next time I crank at them. Not sure if I should be proud of them or wary.

Anyway, I gently told them they need to stay at the top of the driveway and in the backyard. They were not to go near the road again.


“Because I don’t want anyone to steal you.”

“No one is going to steal me” he replies incredulously.

I then went and relayed the information to parent of Bang’s friend at which house they were currently playing. He’s been playing with said friend for a solid week and half. He makes himself right at home over there and they’re kind enough to allow him to. She listened, she understood. She would be sure they stayed at the top of the driveway to play in case this unknown (creep) came back. It really does take a village…

I’m thankful for the community we live in. I’m so happy the boys have friends next door. I’m relieved that it is safe. 

It kind of reminds me of my little WordPress community. Thank you.

Keep your kids safe and be the voice to keep others safe, too.

22 thoughts on “Community

  1. How scary! There are so many stories out there about kids being taken from their yards.
    I get very paranoid about this happening to me when I’m out alone with the kids. You just never know now a days and it’s just sad we have to explain to our little ones that there ARE actual people out there that want to steal them.
    Thank goodness for great communities!

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    • We live in a fairly small town too. I take that for granted. Just because it’s a small town doesn’t mean it’s not without its crazies. I’m a bit paranoid too. When we’re out somewhere I make the boys stay within eye sight. They don’t necessarily have to be right next to me, but they need to be close enough that I can see them. Bang really doesn’t believe that someone would take him. Fortunately he listened to me and stayed in the upper part of the driveway.

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  2. Oh man, that’s so scary. I’m glad your neighbor saw what happened. It’s such a tough topic to talk to kids about. LM liked to hide when we were out to scare me until I explained why it scared me (as appropriately as possible for his age).


    • He and and his friend were playing at the top of the driveway when I got to them so I sat and played with them for a minute. When I got up to go tell his friend’s mom, that’s when I gently told them to stay at the top of the driveway and not go near the sidewalk any more. I probably would have put a leash on LM (if he were mine) and kept trying to hide from me 🙂

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  3. STranger danger is all too real and I am grateful that you all have great support in place. It’s no doubt a tough world and we as parents need to find the balance in preparing our kids for it and not terrifying them to go out in it…oy So glad this worked out. #FabFridayPost #StrangerDanger

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  4. I’m so glad nothing happened and that you have an amazing, close community around you. I’ve been talking to my kids about stranger danger. I do think on the whole it’s rare (on the whole such crimes are undertaken by someone known to the victim), and I want my kids to have a sense of freedom, independence and resilience. Somehow we have to create a safe, yet free childhood for a kids. #FabFridayPost


    • Well said, Mama. Yes, most crimes take place between people who know each other, not strangers. I agree, the chances of it happening to my kids is slim (until it actually happens to my kids). I want them to be able to trust a stranger should they ever find themselves in a situation where a stranger could help them. But I also want them aware that not all strangers are safe. It’s a fine line to dance! Thanks for popping over! #FabFriday


  5. That is such a scary experience, as well as a heartening one. It’s great to know that the other members of your community are as concerned for your children as you are, yet it is awful to think that there are some terrible people out there who might be stalking young kids. We often joke that if anyone took our kids, they’d bring them back pretty quickly once they found out how much trouble or how noisy they were! However, it really is not a laughing matter when it comes so close to your own door. Glad everyone is still safe and well. #FabFridayPost


    • It was scarey. I keep a much closer eye on the kids when they’re outside now. The joke of them bringing them after an hour is a very common one. But it’s not so funny when a situation like this occur. I’m so thankful there are many watching eyes who are quick to get in touch when something out of the ordinary occurs.


  6. Chills. So glad your neighbor called, and that you as the parent were given both a reminder and an opportunity to have “that” talk again with your boys.

    Now I’m going to have it again with mine.

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  7. Thank Goodness for your community! That’s wonderful that everyone helps each other to keep an eye out. You live in such a beautiful community. That creep needs to be reported! Film him if you can. Take the number plate – whatever it takes! My boy answer the same thing when he goes wondering off on his own in the middle of a shopping centre. It really is scary out there. They have no idea…. Thank you so much for linking up with us again on #FabFridayPost

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    • We all have little ones so we all watch out for each other. It’s really is great. If I see the creep you better believe I’ll be doing everything I can to stop him, report him, plates, etc… Thanks for hosting the #FabFridayPost!

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