Monday Morning Round Table

Gather round, my friends. Let me get you something to drink.

Orange Juice?
Reisling? (It’s 5:00 somewhere)

I’d offer a Coke, but we don’t have any in the house. You’ll have to bring your own. Sorry.

This is our last full week of summer. The following week Crash starts 4th grade and Bang starts primary (aka kindergarten). The don’t start until Wednesday of next week though. I’ve explained my giddiness for the first day of school as both a teacher and a parent. I thrive on the routine as much as the kids do. DW has already started back to school. This is her third week back! Next week I’ll will be packing up to four lunches (on the days I get subbing days) , making sure everyone has what they need, and getting us all out the door on time. That last one is tricky. Last year I drove Crash to school. He enjoyed getting to school 15 minutes early (they have a “morning recess” before school starts). When he rode the bus he didn’t get there until recess was almost over. This year he will have his little brother with him for the first time. Bang is wickedly excited to ride the bus. Because if one rides the bus then Another Rides the Bus.

Crash’s baseball season is over, but it ended on a high note. He finally got to pitch. He struck out a batter to end the inning. We still pitch and catch and bat in the backyard though. Baseball’s not over until the World Series is played in October. My Orioles are currently in the 3rd place. The American League East is a tough decision and I’m confident they can overcome the Jays and Sox.

I’ve now posted 9 videos to my YouTube channel, SuperDad’s GoPro. I have a grand total of 3 subscribers! I have one in the editing process and I have some more ideas for more videos. I have to thank Jay Dee of I Read Encyclopedia for Fun for giving my YouTube page a shout out on both his blog and his own YouTube page.

That was our weekend. Thanks for joining me! Hope you enjoy the drink and chat. I hate to rush you out the door but a certain 5 year old wants me to play Big Brain Academy on the Wii with him.


Feel free to let me know how your weekend went down in the comments.


There’s no i in team but there is me in awesome! There is also a we. Join me and we can be awesome!



27 thoughts on “Monday Morning Round Table

  1. My weekend was relaxing as I’m still on holidays. Today, I’m visiting my niece who’s in children’s hospital. And I still haven’t started back-to-school doing. Guess that’s what I’m doing tomorrow.


    • Glad you had a relaxing weekend. I wish I could say the same. I was splitting firewood for my father-in-law both days. Oh well.. it was good exercise and a good deed. Give your niece a big fist bump from me. Hope she’s doing all right!


  2. Tomorrow is my first day back. The best part is looking forward to this year, when all students will be motivated to learn. No, no, I’m wrong. The best part is forgetting hope much I was ready for last year to end.


    • That one was fun. The wood is all split and in a great big long pile. I’d like to do a time lapse of us getting stacked in the shed and basement… time lapse the pile disappearing. Thanks for watching! As for the Riesing, you’re more than welcome to it. I totally get “rough (insert time of day)” Cheers! I had some Saturday night from a local winery that just opened a short time ago. It was delicious.

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      • Oh, I love a great local winery. I’m going to northern Michigan in October to try some of their famous Traverse City wineries for a weekend. I’d love to see a time lapse of it disappearing! That would be really cool!

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      • Enjoy Traverse City wineries. Hope I get to read about it 🙂 If I get the time lapse of the wood disappearing I’ll be sure to let you know!


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