Questions I Asked My Kids

1. Did you have any dreams last night?

Crash: I’m pretty sure I did, but I don’t remember them. Ah Yes! I remember now. So I  walking to WalMart again and nobody had tablets or anything. They had X-Boxes. I walk in to get mine and I realize as I get to the X-box that I didn’t bring my money. I teleported home and mom and dad asked, “Where’s your X-Box?” and I tell them I forgot my money. I got my money, teleported back to WalMart and got my X-Box and everyone turned into Minecraft Steve.
Bang:I believe not… wait wait, yes I did.  I was walking to Sobey’s (a grocery store) and I turned my iPad on and then it doesn’t come on and then I press the power again and it doesn’t come and then I press the power again and it doesn’t come on because the power was out.

2. What’s your favorite thing about mom?

Crash: Her snuggles and her reading to me.
Bang: Going to work with her.

3. What’s your favorite thing about dad?

Crash: Going for bike rides and having fun with him.
Bang: Hugging and snuggling

4. Who is God?

Crash: God is a ghost up in Heaven.
Bang: God is sheep that eat grass and flowers and poops wheat. 

5. Dad just won a million dollars. What should he buy first?

Crash: GoPro attachments and the Orioles.
Bang: A tricycle with 6 wheels.

6. Where would be a fun place to take the GoPro?

Crash: Bungie jumping off a cliff
Bang: A United States pool

7. What sport would you want to compete in if you were in the Olympics?

Crash: Basketball or kayaking
Bang: Wrestling or kayaking or soccer. NOT boxing.


8. What is one thing you want to learn how to do?

Crash: Back flips off a ramp on my bike like BMX
Bang: Go 20 speed on the treadmill

9. What is your favorite word?

Crash: Obviously
Bang: Love

10. Besides mom, who is the most beautiful person?

Crash: My girlfriend.
Bang: Crash – I want to marry him


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