In Lieu of a Good Post, I Give You A Shoddy Post

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of what to write today. I was going to write while the boys watched a movie on this rainy day. But they were watching Goonies. I watched, too. I couldn’t help it. I can’t think of any words of wisdom about parenting other than Just Do It.

Now it’s supper time and I’m still sit staring at that blinking, mocking, jerk of a cursor.

I didn’t go running yet. I can’t think of any words of word of wisdom to help motivate you to get moving other than Just Do It.

I don’t even own Nikes. I run in Sauconys.

It’s raining. Did I mention that? Perhaps I’ll get my run in after the boys are in bed. I do enjoy a good run in the dark and rain. There’s practically no traffic. One time I even got to race the train.

I won.

Perhaps he let me. But still…

I won.

Time to cook the chicken.

Don’t you love the smell of rain?


DW asks me, “How will I know you have Alzheimer’s?”



12 thoughts on “In Lieu of a Good Post, I Give You A Shoddy Post

  1. First of all the quote is exactly right for the state I’m currently in (and I almost forgot what else I wanted to say). I do love the smell of rain, especially after a hot summer day. And the Goonies is one of my favorite movies.

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  2. Lol! The strange thing is, it has just started raining here so I can say with complete authority, that yes, I do like the smell of rain. Love your words of wisdom, it’s great! P.S. It’s Tania from Soul Sense Coaching stopping by from Blog Pitch Party.

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    • Thanks for popping over, Tania! His Pitch Party is funny to read. Any friend of Austin’s is a friend of mine πŸ™‚ Check back tonight or tomorrow there will be a much better post than I what I wrote yesterday. That was just a silly post to pass the time.

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