Go Ask Your Father: Splash Pad, Bedtime, Cicadas, and Outriggers

​In case you missed last night’s post, check it out here. It’s the “Questions I Asked My Kids” post. I promise you won’t be disappointed. They gave some really funny answers. You’ll never believe what they think Google is. 

We were out shoe shopping for back to school shoes. We opt to buy slighly more expensive shoes that we know will last them the whole school year. Fortunately, a nearby sports store has a back to school sale where you if you buy a pair of shoes you get a second pair for just a dollar. So basically it’s just two pairs of shoes at half price. Still a bargin. We start back after Labor Day, September 7th. Like I wrote yesterday, I’m excited for two reasons. 

Can we go to the park/splash pad?

We’ve got this awesome playground. It was paid for with donations and built by 500 volunteers in a “one day build”. Technically it took weeks to prepare the ground and a few days to prepare the foundations. But once that was done, the town came together to essentially build it in a day. DW is one of the four heads of the commitee who spearheaded the project. The second phase of the park project was a splash pad. We dream big here. Why not reach for the stars? It got us a splash pad with at least 15 water events… dumping buckets, water cannons, water squirting up, down, left and right from everywhere. A basketball court is now in place with flex court flooring. There were tennis courts, two baseball fields and a soccer/football field already in place. There will eventually be a walking track around the perimeter of the entire recreation ground. Can we go? You betcha! And since I got a GoPro for my birthday (and the tablet I’m currently typing this post on) I started a YouTube page. Check it out the splash pad there! (feel free to subscribe, we’ll be having tons of fun with this little toy)

Is it time to get ready for bed

“But it’s still light out!” I’m sure we’ve all heard it at some point. They don’t even need to be taught that line. It’s imprinted on their DNA somewhere. Probably on the same strand as the revolt against all things healthy gene. Both boys know that as soon as they hear the announcement, “Yogurt time” that it’s time to start getting ready for bed. If they had their way, they’d eat all night. But I limit them to yogurt and fruit (or toast). In the summer it’s tough. Crash likes to stay up “late” (9:30 comes and he’s ready fall asleep standing up). No matter what time he goes to bed he’s always up by 6:30. 7 is sleeping in. Bang can stay up until the cows come home. The difference is, he’ll sleep to 8 or later when he does. We’ll soon be getting on “school time” schedule. I can’t wait to wake their asses up early!

What’s that buzzing noise?

It’s a noise we grew very familiar with when we lived in Virginia. It’s loud, too. Especially, when there is more than one. They sound very similar to the buzzing you hear from high voltage power lines. Except you can hear it a mile away. I’m speaking of cicadas. I hadn’t realized how quiet the nights can be up here in Canada until last summer when we took our trip to Maryland and Virginia and I heard all the noise I hadn’t noticed was missing here. Cacaphony. According to How Stuff Work, the cicadas “singing” is a mating call. The largers species can reach 120 decibles. This is equivalent to a 5 year old trying to play the recorder his friendly neighbor gave him. The cicadas noise is created from vibrating the torso of its exoskeleton, its “tymbal” 300-400 times per second. Or the same frequency kids ask quesions.

What do outriggers do?

We have two boys who are all about the machines. So you can imagine their excitement when the machines showed up to first rip out our old driveway then lay asphalt for the new driveway. Their excitement continued a few weeks later when our new shed arrived on the back of a flatbed “crane truck”. They know full well that outriggers extend the width width of a truck or crane or whatever machine is using them. We all know a wide foundation is key to remaining stable. Imagine if the pyramids were built their points at the bottom. Anyway, the crane truck that showed up at our place had manual outriggers. The workers had to extend them by hand. This is what prompted the question. Trucks have a tendency to tip over if their loads are too heavy and their foundations are too narrow. That causes a really bad day work.

11 thoughts on “Go Ask Your Father: Splash Pad, Bedtime, Cicadas, and Outriggers

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    • I’m not a fan of crickets. They would sneak into my bedroom (which was upstairs and I’m still not sure how they did it) and chirp at 2 am. It’s not easy waking up at 2 am and looking for a cricket under your bed at 2 am. I like cicadas. They stay outside.


  2. Both Spud and Squirt “do a Crash” when it comes to sleeping habits. I wonder why that is…that no matter how late they sleep(latest 9 when they are already in bed since 7 but still mucking about!), they are ready to roll at 6.30 a.m. Sometimes earlier. Drives me insane on weekends/holidays but works well on school days!

    Liked by 1 person

    • School days are great. No need to set an alarm because they’re already up. Weekends and holidays I just want to put a lock on the outside of their door and lock them in their room until I’m ready to get up. But alas, I’m up with them 6:30.


      • Hahhaha! Maybe you should. Snooze for another half an hour. 6.30 on weekends and hols is waaay too early. We usually just let them play in their room while we try to go back to sleep for another hour I’m impressed you joined them at the same time. How are you not grumpy?! LOL


      • For now I’m used to it. My body doesn’t mind. For now I’m okay with 6-7 hours sleep. Besides I’m just potting my revenge for when they try to sleep in when they get older. I’ll be getting them up at 6:30 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • It’s pretty awesome. It’s great for the days when we don’t have enough time to make it to the beach but it’s just to stinking hot to sit around the house. Plus it has the added bonus of having the playground and basketball courts right beside it.

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