Questions I Asked My Kids

How do you know summer is coming to end? It gets dark at 8:30 instead of 9:45. You can feel the slightest chill in the evening air that wasn’t there before. Your Orioles have played 114 games are a half a game back from the first place Jays. 

Oh, and school supplies go on sale at your local Wal-Mart (or your favorite school supply store). I get giddy when I see rows and rows of school supplies. I’m not just talking as a parent who is sick and tired of their kids being home all summer and am ready to throw a back-to-school party as soon as they walk out the door. Bang starts school this year. That’s kinda exciting in and of itself. However, I’m also talking as a teacher who is excited to see the halls crowded and noisey, classrooms full of the mess of learning, and the playground alive with the sounds of laughter. 

I think I might be more excited than the kids.

1. Did you have any dreams last night? 

Crash: I was walking down the street going to walmart. I saw all my friends going there, too. They all had iPhones, iPods, and iPads. I didn’t take my tablet so I asked if I could use one of theirs and they said no because they only had one. I went into Walmart and went to the electronics section and saw an awesome super computer but it’s a tablet. It was invisible and you needed special glasses to see it. But I obviously didn’t have the money for it.

: Piper (our quaker parrot) was in Minecraft and Piper died and Crash was crying and Piper survived because she ate some stone with food (apples) in it.

2. What is Google?

Crash: Google is a search internet and another word for infinity.
Bang: Google is a person made out of internet and he lives inside the wires. Google has a map, too.

3. What is the best animal ever?
Crash: Cheetahs because they can run super super fast.
Bang: An alpaca or a donkey.

4. What sport have you liked waching in the Olympics so far?

Crash: Rugby and cycling
Bang: The one where you tackle people and get the ball from them.Rugby.

5. What was your favorite event at your track and field day?

Crash: Discus or shotput
Bang: The long jump

6. What are you excited about for school?

Crash: Gym and music and recess
Bang: Working and playing games on the computer

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Crash: I want to work at my friend’s corporation.
Bang: Policeman

8. What time would you like to go to bed tonight?s 

Crash: NEVER!
Bang: 7:00 (this was asked at 8:00 pm)

9. How do you get a lot of money?

Crash: 1) help people and they might give you money. 2) Some people might give you money for no reason like Guppie (their grandfather) does. Or win the Lotto.
Bang: By doing great stuff like doing chores and putting toys away when you’re done with them.

10. What is your favorite smell?

Crash: The smell of Timbit (our late hamster)
Bang: Garlic bread

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