Sunday Share August 7th

I hope everyone is having a good time watching the events in Rio. We watched a bit of women’s volleyball (I would not want to be on the receiving end of their kill shots), some beach volleyball, and for the first time ever, rugby. When I watched the beach volleyball game I thought of when my brother and I played many, many years ago. I thought of watching Karch Kiraly and Kent Steffes win gold in Atlanta. So I was pleasantly surprised to see Karch as head coach of the women’s volleyball team. I was also happy see them win again Puerto Rico (sorry Puerto Rico!).

Mrs Garabito’s Geniuses
I think she just started blogging on her teacher blog, but I bet she’ll have some great stories to tell!

A Momma’s View
A Sunday Share that leads to a dozen more blogs? Her picks are my picks. I stole ’em like they were hot!

I tweeted this. He wrote a whole blog. Use some sense people!

Coach Daddy
Seems only right to have a Rio post after opening about a few events in Rio. How awesome to have a guest post from an Olympian (not Zeus or Hera)!

That’s What Anxious Mom Said
Crash tried to follow this blog (I said, “No. You can only follow other kid bloggers”). This one is about her kid though. And “tecsting”.

You The Daddy
Here to tickle your funny bone about the gross side of pregnancy…


ps. Thanks for my early birthday present DW! Finally, a tablet I can blog from!

pps. Check out the “betcha can’t blog without using this word” challenge in September!

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