Go Ask Your Father:

I once read that there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth. I truly believe this. There are 200 – 400 billion stars in our galaxy alone. Astronomers estimate that there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe. However, there is only one thing that out numbers the number of stars in the universe.

1. What are spirits? 

So many ways to define this. You can have spirit when you have the determination and the drive to succeed. You have lots of spirit when you’re really excited about something, perhaps at spirit rally? You have can have spirits, too. They get you inebriated. But you have to be 19 (here in Canada) for those spirits. The spirits in question come from a song by the Strumbellas, Spirits.  Crash and Bang pretty much know all the words to this fun tune. Except Bang loves to change the words. A 5 year old’s parody, if you will. Anything that buzzes is a bee (flies, bees, mosquitos) much like a toddler calls all the round things balls. So when said bugs fly into his air he sings, ♪ I’ve got guns in my head and they won’t go, I’ve got bees in my hair and they won’t go ♪ Anyway, these spirits are ghosts.

2. Who’s Norman?

Shut Up and Dance With Me. Well, not really. I don’t dance. Ask DW. I’ve got the rhythm of a June bug. This is another song reference thanks to the littlest inquisitor. It comes from the song I already named,  Shut Up and Dance With Me by Walk the Moon. They sing ♪ She said, “Shut up and dance with me. This woman is my destiny ♪ Bang heard, “This Norman is my destiny”. Just another #MisheardLyric.


3. Does this car have auto drive?

I love this one. I got asked this one many many times from the backseat. For probably two years, our vehicles did indeed have auto drive. I could take my hands off the wheel and the vehicle (a 2002 Carolla and 2013 RAV4) would steer all by itself. It had cameras mounted at the front left and right headlights. They would detect the yellow median line and the white shoulder line and keep the car going straight. Then the 5 year old spotted my knee under wheel making it move and the joke was up. Both boys believed it and both of us let them. It was just as funny to watch their discovery as it was to play along. I think one day cars will have auto drive. They won’t believe it.

4.  What’s a stud?

I think this one was asked because someone mentioned needing to find a stud to hang a picture. Or perhaps it was in reference to the shed we knocked down so we could replace it with a bigger and better one. While I don’t remember the source of the question, “What’s a stud?” I do remember the answer. “Your Dad.” This received confused looks from the boys and well earned eye roll from DW. I remember a friend of mine used to have a stud finder – a small electrical thing to help you locate the studs behind the wall. We’d hold it up to ourselves and it would beep – effectively identifying us as studs. But seriously, I’m rocking the “dad bod” too much actually be classified as a stud.

stars and questions

ps. If you haven’t heard about this awesome challenge coming up in September, check it out here!

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