Questions I Asked My Kids

Note: This is now complete.

Crash got a hit last night! Well, he hit the ball anyway. He has been so nervous about getting hit by a pitch, the infamous bean ball. We have been practicing and practicing (and practicing!) in the backyard. He has no trouble swinging. On the way home from a game last week, where he never swung, I asked him if the pitchers throw differently than I do at home (meaning speed). He says “Yes. They’re not as good.” Granted, I spent many years pitching when I was growing up so I am better than most 9 and 10 year olds. So I started pitching left handed to him.

In last night’s game I took over one of the coaching spots because one of his regular coaches was unable to attend. I was over being first base coach doing my coaching thing. I Reminded him get into his batting stance and to plant his back foot so it don’t move and to get his elbow up. He watched pitch after pitch go by. He struck out. Twice. His third time up I reminded him that I didn’t care if he swung and missed, I just wanted him to swing. He did! It went foul. Then he swung at the next pitch and the ringing that sounded from ball meeting bat was like . He ran like the wind hooked to a train. The second baseman fielded the grounder and threw him out at first. But he swung and he hit the ball!

It all begins with a swing. Or a question. Or a post. Or a hello.

1. Did you have any dreams last night?

Crash: I probably did but I don’t remember them.
Bang: I was in jail. I didn’t do anything but the police just came in picked me up! (he woke up crying from this one)

2. Why do balloons get bigger when you blow into them?

Crash: Because you’re putting air into and when you put air into it blows up. Or you could use a pump.
Bang: Because air stays in them and air makes them bigger.

3. Why do yellow bananas turn brown?

Crash: Bananas are one the fruits that goes rotten. When they turn brown they’re telling you to put them into a bag and put them in the freezer so you can banana bread.
Bang: They get left in a bowl and the fruit flies make them rotten.

4. How does the refrigerator stay cold?

Crash: It uses electricity to keep cold. Our fridge has a control to control how cold it is.
Bang: If you leave the fridge open the cold air gets out because the cold air has invisible feet and it walks out of the fridge.

5. Why is cold in the winter and hot in the summer?

Crash: The earth is always rotating while it’s orbiting the sun. This means in the winter it is cold because the Earth is facing into space and in the summer where you live is facing the sun.
Bang: In the summer the sun comes out and the sun is really hot. In the winter air gets into the snow and makes it cold.

6. What causes the wind to blow?

Crash: Neptune. It has massive winds so it blows down to Earth.
Bang: The wind just makes the waves and the waves make the wind.

7. Where does the electricity in our house come from?

Crash: Nova Scotia Power puts into the wires. The wires are connected to our houses so we can have electricity to brush our teeth, play video games and so on.
Bang: From the power lines.

8. Where do the bubbles in pop come from?

Crash: They come the middle of nowhere. I have no idea.
Bang: Because it’s hot.

9. Why is better to eat veggies than junk food?

Crash: Veggies are a lot more healthier. Actually veggies are healthy and junk isn’t.
Bang: Junk doesn’t help your belly. Veggies help your belly.

10. Where do clouds come from?

Crash: They come from vaporization which is when puddle dry up because water vaporates (goes up in the air) to make clouds.
Bang: Clouds come from the power lines because they’re invisible clouds until they get way up in the air.


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17 thoughts on “Questions I Asked My Kids

  1. ‘It all begins with a swing. Or a question. Or a post. Or a hello.’ So true. And so, hello! I love the part about the cold air leaving the fridge on its feet…perhaps that’s how it gets into the snow to make it cold too! Thank you for sharing Crash and Bang with us. xoxo

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