Month In Review

July was the slowest month of 2016. I suppose with everyone on vacation that’s to be expected. As I’ve always said, even if the numbers aren’t there I’m still writing, still blogging, still me being me. Exactly how slow was July?

I managed to post 27 times. These posts received a total of 1,382 views. This is the fewest views for a month all year. I’m certainly not complaining because that’s 1,382 times you, my readers, came to see what was up over here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

There were 540 visitors, 24 fewer than June. Again, thanks for coming for one and staying for more.

August brought 467 likes, just 13 fewer than June. So even though there were few views and visitors the like button was still getting clicked! I like you, too!

My blog had 394 comments in July. This is 83 fewer than June. I attribute this to the lack of time summer provides. But to those 394, I thank you. The comments build community and I love the community my blog has built. And I welcome you to it.

32 countries came to visit. The top three were the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia (the Netherlands were close fourth). After we win the lottery and start travelling I’ll be sure to stop by to thank each country personally.

Besides my homepage, Taboo Word Challenge was viewed 92 times in July. Check it out. It’s a fun little challenge I created for the weekdays in September. All you have to do is not use the word of the day. Please join us! A Literal Comparison of Parenting and Writing was second with 60 views. 10 Questions I Asked My Kids was in close third with 54 views. This one was unique because I also asked the boys cousin to answer, too.

I crossed the 400 followers mark in June. In July the followers kept coming. July brought 33 followers to bring me to 471. HMillerFitMasterpiece943,  and Koumba Orsi are my newest three followers. Thank you! I’m eyeing that 500 mark now. Perhaps I’ll get a little something something for the 500th? A guest post? A reblog? An interview highlighting your space?

As for my top three commenters… There was no change!

Ann’s Grubbs-n-Critters
The Invisible Moth
A Momma’s View
That’s What Anxious Mom Said
Elen Grey
Ah Dad 

So things have slowed a bit here and there around the blog. I’m not too worried. As I have said before, my blog doesn’t operate on likes and views. It operates on discussion. Thanks for all it. I can’t wait to see what the second half of the year brings!

the beach

A view from the beach. We visited here 3 times last week!


19 thoughts on “Month In Review

    • My stats bars look like rolling waves with the ups and downs over the year. If they come, they’ll leave. If they leave, they’ll come back 🙂 I’ll check out what you wrote!


    • With the kids home from school all day every day we don’t even have time to fart let alone post, read, and comment 🙂 So far August is proving to be better. But we’re only 3 days into it.


  1. July has been our busiest month, with trips to IA and CA! I’m looking forward to a quieter August since school will be starting up. I’m around here somewhere but perhaps a bit more quiet than usual. Enjoy the last of your summer vacation!


  2. Love the beach! I don’t pay too much attention to the statistics for my blog, and just occasionally look to see what’s my best day and time for posts. This changes all the time. The only thing I do keep an eye on is new followers. I know I have over 450, which is beyond my imagination, and now I’m aiming for that 500 mark. But to accomplish that, I need to write a little more regularly, and pertinently with my posts. 🙂

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    • Beaches are awesome, except for the whole getting sand in places sand doesn’t belong 🙂 The stats are interesting but I certainly don’t live and breathe by them. They are what they are. Good luck reaching 500! I know writing regularly helps.

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