I’m No Quitter…

According to the internet, Mark Twain said he has quit smoking either hundreds of times or thousands of times. Either way, that’s a whole lotta quitting. I’m not a quitter. I don’t give up.

That’s why I need to quit Coke again. I went three days without last week. I think I can go four this week. No Coke ’til Friday!

Crash and I had a beautiful run this morning. I ran. He biked. The sun shined. Last week we ran/biked four miles. This week’s goal is 12 miles – four miles Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Our goal time is 34 minutes for four miles. Last week we made it in 33:52. Today we made in 32:56, a minute faster!  This is roughly three minutes slower than my best, but I’ll chalk that up to having not run for a few months. Even then my running was as sporadic as the times my kids are willing to clean. I’d like to get back to running regularly again.

I used to run at night after the boys were in bed. I have just now started going first thing in the morning. Crash is an early riser so we have a small breakfast of either a bagel or English muffin then hit the road. Skip the OJ. I love OJ with breakfast. But OJ sits heavy and will often make a reappearance at around mile two or three. Stick to water. It’ll stay down.

895ae34a9d5beca1c1df0bcef31d7b91These 7 am runs can only last the month of August, though. Come September the boys will both be in school and will have to start getting ready at 7 am. Not kosher with the 7 am run. I would go 6 am, but because of how our substitute teacher system works online, I usually start job hunting at 6 am. Will I be ambitious enough to run at 5:15 am? Considering that DW and I get our quiet time together after the boys are in bed, I don’t see myself going to bed early enough to get up at 5 am. My dad does it. Though, he gets up at 5 to go to work , not go running.

This is when I need to “up my game”. If I can’t find the time, I need to make the time. There are 24 hours in a day. That’s 1,440 minutes. I’m sure 30-45 of those can be dedicated to running. Especially if it means getting Crash out for a bike ride, too. Bang would join us, but he’s been sleeping in. Soon enough he’ll be pushed in the running stroller while Crash bikes. He loves to see the train tracks, the tanker cars (he calls the white ones ‘milk tankers’) and the tower of fire at the natural gas plant. And the ‘big fans‘ too. Hopefully, getting them out running with me will instil a desire for exercise as they grow older. I’ll cross my fingers. I won’t hold my breath.

Do you enjoy running? What part of the day do you dedicate to exercise?


Our view on this morning’s run/bike



26 thoughts on “I’m No Quitter…

  1. I’m not a fan of jogging, but most days I can manage to walk four or five miles. Sometimes it’s all in one chunk, but other times it’s ten minutes here and ten minutes there. I park at the far end of parking lots and take the stairs whenever possible.

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  2. i’ve been dragging my kids to the gym all summer. they don’t complain anymore. they just know mama needs to workout and it’s important. i tell myself that i’m being a good example in making exercise a priority so i don’t feel guilty for making them sit in the nursery for an hour every day. it doesn’t really work…i still feel bad every time.


    • I would make mine sit in “child watch” (the gym’s version of child care while you were working out) for 2 hours while I would play racquetball. He made some good friends there and liked it. No need to feel guilty for making time for yourself. We’re led to believe that as parents every waking moment is for our kids. I don’t believe that. Us good parents take care of ourselves too 😀 Thanks for sharing and keep on keeping on!

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  3. I stopped running for a long, long time now. The knees can’t quite hack it. :/ But I climb our treacherous stairs many times a day and chase after the kids. Well, brisk walk. That’s my exercise, until I get myself a bike!
    Good on you with your Coke challenge! That’s A WHOLE LOT of sugar down for several days already. 😊

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  4. That’s a nice view! Would motivate me to go running… I need to pick it up too. Wasn’t able to exercise at all over the last 3 weeks. My back was really acting up. First time ever and I did not like it. Finally pain free again since yesterday and also not stiff anymore. Just need to make sure I do not jump into working out again right away… But I have ants in my pants!
    Re your running: No chance to run to work (maybe part of the way there) and then shower at work?


    • Unfortunately, running to work isn’t an option. As a sub I don’t know which school I’ll be at (or if I’ll even be working) until that mornimg. Plus, if I happen to be subbing at the boys school I’ll need to take them with me. I may go after school on the days I do work. Great idea though!

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  5. I have knee and foot issues that keep me from being a runner. Hubby and I try to walk every evening after dinner or if that’s not possible, we have a recumbent bike I take for a spin. During the school year I squeeze 30 minutes of yoga in between getting home from work and starting dinner. Now, I get to do it when ever I choose. None of this is anywhere near as challenging as working in a run when you have two youngs boys and a substitute teaching position. Bravo for you! I hope you can work out a time slot.

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    • Exercise is exercise no matter the exercise 🙂 Chances are good that I’ll end up going after the boys are in bed again once school starts. They’re on summer schedule so they don’t go to bed until a bit later. Just late enough that I deem it too late to go for a run. Once they’re back on school time for bed time I’ll have a bit there. Or I can do as you did with Yoga, sneak it in between school and supper – even if that mean I have to take them with me 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to share!

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  6. I’ll drink a Coke for you today 😉

    Running isn’t that thing. (Or jogging or walking very quickly.) I do well on my exercise bike though and the risk of bodily injury due to my clumsiness goes down quite a bit 😉

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  7. My husband and I are on day 12 of the Whole 30, and I’m pretty sure if someone walked by with a Diet Coke today, I may have to tackle them. There’s a reason people are addicted to that stuff!

    I’m not picky about exercise, but cycling, yoga, and paddling are by far my faves. Can’t wait tom my boys are older and we can hit the single-track trails together!

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    • Running through the woods is spectacular. It’s quieter in there. And the trees zooming by makes you feel like you’re running as fast as a run away mack truck. I love paddling, so quiet and relaxing. (I’m sensing a quiet theme here) We just discovered Bang (the 5 year old) can paddle like a pro so we need another kayak! I wonder how long the cravings for a Coke will last?


      • As long as you can outrun the beasts… 🙂 Do you have mountain lions in your area? Our neighbors had one on their trail cam — eek!

        I’m with you on the quiet theme. Exercise is really just a fabulous excuse for quiet time / alone time!

        For me, it’s an afternoon craving for a pick-me-up, either Diet Coke or iced coffee. This Whole 30 plan doesn’t allow caffeine after noon, so I have been experimenting with herbal teas. Not quite the same, but it has probably saved the lives of those who live with me a couple times 😉


      • I’ve been drinking steeped teas. Like you said, though, it’s not the same. No where near the same. No mountain lions here. Just coyotes and bears. No biggie 😉 Take a friend, then you don’t have to outrun the beasts, just your friend 😀


    • Thanks for stopping by! Trail running great! I enjoy late runs. It’s seems so much quieter (especially come winter months) and my body is already loosened up and ready go Unlike these morning runs I’ve been doing. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

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