What We’d Say to the World, in 6 Words

Say it to the world! (But keep it to 6 words please)

Just a dad ...

6 words speaking lede Stormtrooper takes a ride on Triceratops at the Smithsonian

I know, I know.

6 words graphicI heard about Pippa. Another one bites the dust. It’s why I keep extras in the Crush Bin. You never know when one’ll haul off and get engaged on you. Everyone from Summer Sanders to Paula Creamer to Cher Lloyd to Lizzy O’Leary to Elizabeth Davis to … well, you see what I’m dealing with.

I mentioned Pippa – she of royalty and extraordinary physical gifts – in my email to y’all about this month’s six words prompt.

Every month, I compile a post called 6 words. Ernest Hemingway inspired it. He claimed any story can be told in six words. No more, no less. I turn to bloggers, friends, strangers, and a few strange blogger friends with a prompt, to respond to in six words.

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8 thoughts on “What We’d Say to the World, in 6 Words

  1. Such fun! You know the Hemingway story, right? ‘For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.’ I don’t claim to be able to compete (hah), and my writing style is naturally, how you say, ‘verbose’? The idea is what we’d say to the world, right? Okay here goes: ‘Think before speaking. And don’t rant.’

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