Good Morning Rain

It’s raining. I don’t mind it. Fresh, cool breeze wafting in the windows. The pitter patter of drops on the driveway and trees. Kids in the basement supposed to be cleaning up their toys but singing and playing instead.

I’m now on day three with no Coke. Chances are good I’ll have to start over tomorrow. We’re going to supper at Nanny and Pop’s house tonight and I love to have one with supper there. Almost three whole days without one ain’t bad.

Speaking of numbers,  have you looked at your stats page recently? If you’re like me, you check that page before clicking the notification bell. Right? How many views am I up to? How many visitors? Did anyone click my links? And my favorite, what weird search terms brought people to my blog? This month is was “thank you in south africa” from when I thanked South Africa for sending 300 firefighters to help battle the blaze in Alberta. The other was “prayer for dad coached” which should have led them to a guest post by none other than Eli, the Coach Daddy himself.

If you’re not watching your stats page, you aren’t blogging right. You’re not reaching your full potential. As long as you use your stats page correctly, you’ll find success. They aren’t just random numbers generated by WP. They are insightful reasons explaining why a post, or your blog in general, isn’t as popular as you would like it to be.

In this world, the one with the most is often the winner. Unless you have the most bowel movements or the most nose hair. We all want to be that blogger with the most followers or the most views or the most visitors. What’s the point of writing and publishing it online to the world if no one’s going to read it?

Those numbers, though a bit of detective work might be required, can tell you how you’re performing. If you see a post that does well, look at the reasons. When was it published? What tags did you include? Did you get more traffic from google than usual? What referrers brought people to your blog? It’s all on the stats page.

Confession: I don’t believe any part of this. Really. This is all hogwash. The stat are nice and they can be useful sometimes. But they don’t take into account that it’s summer vacation and not many are reading blogs at this time of year. They don’t take into account how well you write. They don’t take into account the audience you’re trying reach. There are so many subjective matters that can’t be measured when blogging. Like right now my stats page says that Thursday mornings are the most popular. You know why? Everyone loves to hear Crash and Bang explain their world in “Questions I Asked My Kids” episodes. And since I don’t post at regular times (I post when I get a chance to write) that stat changes more than I change my underwear.

The stats page is fun, don’t mistake me on that one. I enjoy seeing which posts do well, which ones bring the views and the likes and the comments. They subtly inform me when I need to get out to read and comment on more blogs (aka build community). I can’t expect people to come to me if I don’t tell anyone I’m here. That would be the equivalent of playing hide and seek without telling anyone you’re hiding!

So today’s piece of advice…

Use your stats page to guide your progress, but don’t let it be the only tool you use to measure.

Then hop over here and sign up for the Taboo Word Blogging Challenge!

6 thoughts on “Good Morning Rain

  1. Yeah, if we only believed the stats page, we’d all be freaking out because we posted on a day when everybody was on the beach, or at holiday celebrations, or even just asleep. 🙂 It doesn’t mean they won’t like it when they do get to reading it. 🙂

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      • Every once in a while, that does happen… But it’s only when you just happen to publish at the moment when 14 gazillion people are online… And who knows when exactly that will be? 🙂


  2. Excellent words of advice! I haven’t been writing much lately, but noticed on my stats page that I haven’t had as many views on the stuff I’ve posted, probably for the same reason I haven’t been on as much — everyone’s busy with summer.

    Congrats on 3 Coke-less days. One of these days I’m gonna kick that habit, maybe when stress goes down and all that…so never.

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