Good Morning Sunshine

How do you take your coffee? Or perhaps you prefer tea? Or orange juice? Or maybe just water? I’d like a Coke, but I’m on day two of cessation. So far no caffeine withdraw headache. But I’d still really like one.

I was hoping this morning’s run would summon my idea pallet. No summoning happened. Instead it was a quiet, foggy four miles with Crash cycling beside me. We set a goal of 34 minutes and beat it by 10 seconds. But it was never about the numbers. The scenery was picture worthy, but we were so enraptured by the it that I didn’t even think of it. I usually do my best brainstorming during my runs. This morning my brain was as quiet as Mother Nature. I was wracking my brain for some kind of juicy, meat and potatoes, awe inspiring post.

Sorry, this isn’t it.

The best words of wisdom I can come up with at the moment is

Nevermind the numbers.

What if your blog received one view every single day? No more, no less. Well, maybe less. Would you still write? Would you write differently?

Would I write differently? I’ve made my blog mostly about being a dad. Which, when I look back at previous posts, really isn’t any different than being a mom. Or perhaps I just write about being a dad like a mom would. With the exception of childbirth and breastfeeding, they’re nearly identical positions. While I wouldn’t mind the breastfeeding aspect, child birthing isn’t for me.

I think and I say I wouldn’t write differently if I didn’t get the views. But deep down inside, I think I would cater to my readers. If that one view was always from my “Month in Review” post, I would write more reviews. I would provide more stats than the MLB. If it was my short stories that garnered the view I would join more photo prompt clubs.

I know parenting (mostly) and I know humor (mostly) and I know writing from the heart (mostly). Writing what you mean and meaning what you say is more important than the numbers. Especially if you’re professing your love of pigeons. Crash’s posts get 5-15 views each time he blogs. He still asks to write posts. He’s working on his next draft at this very moment.  He also sees that I get 50+ views and he thinks he isn’t getting enough. I see others getting 100+ and I think I’m not getting enough. I’m sure those 100+ people see others getting 200+, 500+ or 1,000+ views and think they’re not getting enough. What would be “enough”?

We write anyway. We parent anyway.

So my advice today is ignore the numbers. Whether you’re blogging and hoping to become “popular” or you’re running and hoping become “fast” or parenting and hoping to “survive” ignore the numbers and do what you love to do. Do what you do best. Do what is best for you, your blog, your kids, your whatever.

Just do.

just do

And while your at, please join us for a new, fun blogging challenge.


27 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunshine

  1. Good morning to you! I like one milk and one sugar in my coffee. 🙂
    I am a numbers person and like reading my blog stats. However, my first priority is to always write good, quality content. I want my readers to enjoy what I am writing Reading the numbers is more to see how much I am improving.

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    • You got it! When you write well, meaningful posts the numbers will come with it. I do look at my stats page frequently. Like you, I use it as tool to measure my writing. Thanks for stopping by for coffee!


  2. Yep. That’s always been my mantra. Never mind the numbers and it’ll be less stressful. As if parenting is not stressful enough! :p
    I wish you all the best with your attempt of no coke. 2 days flat out is WOW! How long do you intend to stay off Coke? It’s hard to resist…especially a cold, cold glass of coke filled with ice begging to be consumed in the hot summer days! 😀


    • It’s most tempting on hot day after mowing or some other form of work. I plan to limit my intake to 1 can or 1 20 oz bottle per week. I was drinking 1 a day! As for the numbers, they’re not nearly as important as the content.

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  3. No coffee for me, but I’ll definitely take a Coke. And you’re right, if we view blogging in terms of views, nothing is ever enough, just like anything else in life. It’s good to do your best, but there’s something to say for contentment, too! (Maybe I’ll remember that the next time I think ‘no views!!!!!!’)

    BTW, Crash gave LM a shout out on his blog the other day, thought that was so nice! 🙂


  4. It’s good advice to ignore the numbers, but I never do! But I’ve never looked at it from the point of view that whatever the number, it will never be enough. You’re right, of course, and I’m going to try and at least look at the numbers with interest rather than as a criticism of myself, so thanks for the insight – it has changed my mindset. Now I’m off to look at that challenge of yours! #FabFridayPost


    • Rather than comparing ourselves to others we need to compare ourselves to who we used to be. Or in the case of blogging, compare our blog to what it was when we started 🙂


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