Science Questions I Asked My Kids

I’m going to tell this baseball story here. It was already on the radio, but I don’t think y’all listen to the the same radio station that I do.

Crash had a ball game last Monday and his coach sent another Dad and I a message asking if we’d coach in their place because they wouldn’t be able to make it. We’ve both played ball before. We have both coached before. We were confident we could this.

Anyway, the game was going well, albeit very slowly. Our pitcher was having a tough inning in the 3rd (it took an hour and half to get this far). Bad innings happen at any level. We certainly weren’t blaming him. The inning ended and our pitcher was mad, upset, near tears. The other Dad Coach did his coach thing and gave him a pep talk to channel his anger toward the ball during his next at bat.

So he gets up to bat and what does he do? He NAILS it. The ball goes sailing over the center fielder’s head! Did I mention the bases were loaded? He rounds first and Coach sends him to second. He rounds second and we’re all yelling “GO!” He rounds third and I wave him home. GRAND SLAM! However, in Mosquito League baseball there is a five run rule so only one run counted. But still… it was a grand slam! So what if we ended up losing the game by one run.

1. How do the automatic doors at the grocery store know when to open?

Crash: They have sensors above them and when they see you, they open.
Bang: There’s a camera inside the door and when the camera sees them they open.

2. Why do we have to brush our teeth?

Crash: So that we don’t get rotten teeth and cavities and get a needle and wooden teeth like George Washington.
Bang: So we don’t get gunks because the gunks make cavities.

3. Why is there a tornado when the water goes down the bathtub drain?

Crash: Because the water goes around in circles and then goes down.
Bang: It sucks all the things in and makes picture of a tornado.

4. Why are some eggs brown and some eggs white?

Crash: It’s the type of chicken.
Bang: The white ones are fresh and the brown ones are rotten, poopy eggs.

5. Where does the sun go at night?

Crash: Behind us, like behind the other side of the Earth. So when it’s night for our side it’s day for the other side.
Bang: Over far far far away to Canada.

6. How far away are stars?

Crash: Very. 56.7 million miles away.
Bang: thirteen thousand one thousand eighteen thousand miles away.

7. Why do we have to go to sleep?

Crash: So we don’t konk out in the middle of the day.
Bang: We’re hamsters and we have to sleep in the morning

8. Why are worms good for the garden?

Crash: They eat the soil and then poop and their poop is good for the plants.
Bang: They turn the compost into dirt.

9. Why do cows moo?

Crash: That’s how they communicate.
Bang: When they milk they moo.

10. Where do puddles go after it rains?

Crash: They dry up. They go underground. And if rains on plants it goes away almost instantly because the roots drink it up.
Bang: They get sucked into the sun and it makes night time.


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20 thoughts on “Science Questions I Asked My Kids

    • We tell him if he doesn’t brush his teeth he gets cavities and will have to go to the dentist to get needles to numb it and get it filled. He tossed in the wooden teeth to be funny 🙂 As for chickens – white leghorn chickens lay white eggs and Rhode Island Red, and the New Hampshire chickens (both of which are brown chickens) lay brown eggs. We discussed this one day in the grocery store and he wanted brown eggs and asked why they were brown.

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  1. Well done for the Grand Slam! And once more: I love the answers. As the quote at the end says, sometimes the answers are simple… Would you please say hi to Bang and tell him that down here in Australia I so far only got poopy eggs??? Not sure why, but hey… that’s the way it is. They’re pretty good though too 😉

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    • It was impressive. He harnessed his anger from pitching and delivered it to the ball through his bat. I don’t mind the 5 run rule. It helps speed up the game. The last inning is an “open inning” so you can score until your heart’s content.


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