Questions My Kids Asked Me

Like an icy margarita, I like it well mixed. Tequila makes it better. We just buy the frozen juice boxes of our favorite juicy juices, add ice, add the hard stuff and blend. Here on the blog I take a regular post, add two kids, a few questions and blend. Today, the boys asked me the questions I would normally have asked them. Instead of “Questions I asked my kids” that would normally appear here today, you get “Questions My Kids Asked Me”. This is not to be confused with “Go Ask Your Father” which appears tomorrow.

I said to them, “Ask me questions about what you want to know about me.” They asked some interesting ones. Hopefully I can answer them sufficiently. Mind you, they won’t be any internet breaking answers that Bang tends to give. But I’ll do my best.

1. Do you love any one other than mom?

I do. I love lots of people. Of course, I’m related to them all. All 6 grandparents, for example. All 3 uncles and and 2 aunts. All 3 nephews and all 3 nieces (aka your cousins). Oh, and two animals (not the ones I call Crash and Bang). One fuzzy Timbit and one feathery Piper. And my grandma and all my aunts and uncles.








2. If you could be an animal, what would you be?

Hmmm. My favorite three animals are wolves, cheetahs, and red eyed green tree frogs. However, if I were an animal I think it would be fun to be a dolphin. I’d like to be a dragon, too. Dragons count as animals, right?

3. Where do you want to work?

I’d rather not. Could I get paid to not work? Since I can’t be an astronaut and they probably won’t accept my application to go to Mars, I’d love to work in a school. I decided in 6th grade that I’d like to teach, and I made it happen. Now I just need my own classroom. What if I opened a Ninja Warrior gym and taught people to be ninjas?
4. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like milk or chocolate milk or apple juice?

Milk- 4
Chocolate Milk – 12
Apple juice- 8
Coca Cola – ∞

5. What car do you want to drive?

My first choice would be a plane. I would love to learn to fly. My choice of land vehicle would be a Formula 1 race car. My other choice would be the Ghe-O. An off road fire rescue truck.

6. What drink do you like?

Both boys know full well that I enjoy a nice cold Coca Cola. My friends know I enjoy it with a shot of Canadian Club.

7. If you were a superhero what super power would have? (You already have super powers… cooking, playing baseball) (I swear I didn’t tell him say that!)

I love this question. Naturally, one cool super power would be the ability to mute the kids. Ahhh silence. But for real? My first super power would be the ability to talk to animals. My second super power would be to be able to breathe underwater.

8. What is your favorite chore?

Ugh. Do I have to pick one? I’d rather not do any chores. But since you asked, I have to answer. Mowing. I kinda enjoy mowing. Just like I don’t mind shoveling in the winter. It’s a chore that I don’t have to think about, just do. Any monkey who walk back and forth can mow.

9. Who is your favorite baseball player?

Or of all time? Right now? I think my two favorites of all time are Nolan Ryan (awesomest pitcher ever) of the Texas Rangers and Cal Ripkin Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles. Though I really like Eddie Murray, too. Of right now? I like Caleb Joseph, but I’m not exactly where he stands on the Orioles roster. He keeps moving from the minors to the majors and back down and pretends to sign autographs for invisible fans.

10. What do you want for your birthday?

How awesome of you to ask! It’s coming up in August. I would love a new tablet. Mine is starting to get temperamental and moody. Looking at what’s available in our town, I like the Samsung Galaxy Tab E. But if a new tablet isn’t in my future, I like the disc golf targets too. The one that comes with two targets so we can put them in fun places (like on the trampoline).


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