Sunday Share 2.0

This is 2.0. Updated to be posted on Monday instead of my usual Sunday. If you’re lucky you’ll get a second post today. If you’re not lucky… well at least you have 5 links here to check out and are TOTALLY worth it.

Jan Morrill
The empathetic six year old and an evesdropper

Eda J Vor
The Dudebro and Padme Amidala

The Frenchie Mummy Blog
A sweet little girl and Grumpy Boyfriend

Single Family Asylum
A doctor’s call and dying (maybe)

Crash’s Corner
Lego and his first unboxing video

There was one I really wanted to share but forgot to save. Help! It was photo challenge (I think) to capture shots emphasising the colors of the rainbow. One of the photos was of a child with stunning blue eyes. The other photos were incredible, too. If anyone has seen could you let me know which one it was? Thanks!

Have a great Monday, y’all!



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