Running Out of Options


PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Marler Morrill

Read chapter 22 or start from the beginning.

Chapter 23

God damn black sedan! I spotted it three cars back. On foot I knew the car couldn’t keep up. So I slipped down a side alley. In the muffled distance I heard a car door slam and I took off running.


Without looking at who shouted, I took off running. I ran until I suddenly ran out of alley. Breathless, out of options, I ran directly at my predator, hoping to get past him. He was too strong, bear hugging me to the ground.

“Dempsey wants Brogan.”

“Over my dead body, asshole.”

“Dempsey gave me full permission to make that happen. He even threw in a bonus if it did.”

Read chapter 24

This is a continuation of an experiment. Each week there is a 100 word short story photo prompt challenge posed by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. My challenge to myself is to connect these photos into one seamless story. I am going to try to end this story with the next 3 pictures. July will be the last month. I wonder how it will end? Click the blue frog to read other stories inspired by this photo.


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