10 Questions I Asked My Kids

We’re on the road. That’s why there was no Wednesday post. We made a 3 hour trek to visit Nanny (DW’s mom) in the hospital. She’s doing well. Slow healing on the road to recovory. Anyway, we’re staying at DW’s cousin’s. This would make her son and our boys 2nd cousins.

Unless you’re my grandma (Hi Henrietta!) you’re not here to read about the family tree.

1. Did you have any dreams last night?

Crash: Nope
Bang: No
2nd Cousin: I’m pretty sure I did but I can’t remember them

2. What is something your dad always says to you?

Crash: I love you
Bang: I don’t want to do this! (he’s cranky, can you tell?)
2nd Cousin: My name (he usually yells it alot)

3. What is something your mom always says to you?

Crash: Clean clean clean, do chores
Bang: Share
2nd Cousin: I love you (she always says that when she leaves for her morning rituals)

4. What two animals would be fun combine?

Crash: An Enderman and a Creeper (Minecraft for those of you not in the know)
Bang: Cow and a donkey
2nd Cousin: cheetah and chameleon

5. What would you like to be famous for?

Crash: Minecrafting
Bang: play my tablet (a gamer)
2nd Cousin: Hockey Goalie

6. If you could give yourself a new name, what would you name yourself?

Crash: Supergamer56
Bang: Justin Wyver
2nd Cousin: Alex

7. If you could rename your dad, what would you name him?

Crash: AwesomeDad67
Bang: Justin Beaver
2nd Cousin: Joe

8. What would you rename your mom?

Crash: WonderWoman678
Bang: Justin Beef
2nd Cousin: Jessica or something

9. If you were a theif who couldn’t get caught, what would you steal?

Crash: Donald Trump’s millions
Bang: An acorn from a squirrel
2nd Cousin: I’d steal money from the bank

10. What makes you happy?

Crash: Minecraft
Bang: Playing games
2nd Cousin: Playing hockey and soccer



25 thoughts on “10 Questions I Asked My Kids

  1. Glad to know that your mother-in-law is on the mend! Love the quote at the end of this post and the kids’ funny and honest responses! Hope your week continues on well. πŸ™‚

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  2. Hey there, Justin Beaver! SUCH a cute post. Having cousins is a huge asset. Especially now, when families tend to be small. The Child had no sibs like Crash and Bang do (poor Child, it was not intentional), so the Cousin Connection was all the more important. Even though hers were dispersed all over the continent, when they did get together it was like no time had passed. And it’s still like that, now that they are all in their twenties.

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    • Good old Beaver! Cousins are great because they are like siblings you don’t have to live with. Crash and Bang have cousins all over the world (my brother is in S. Korea wih his 2 kids and DW’s brother is here in Nova Scotia with his 4 and 2nd cousins all over). Like you said, no matter how much time has passed they strike it up like it was no time at all. It so much fun to watch. I find that each boy has a cousin more like them than their own brother.

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      • Not to overload you with comments (!) but you couldn’t be more right about the cousins-like-brother thing. The Dude has two actual brothers, who are quite nice. But he has two cousins, one a year older, one a year younger, who are closer to him than either brother will ever be.

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      • You leave as many comments as your heart desires πŸ™‚ The boys always have more fun playing with cousins than they do when they play with each other. I’m sure it has a lot to do with not seeing each other for a period of time instead of all day every day.

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