Science Questions I Asked My Kids

It’s a lazy Thursday. One kid is playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii. He’s still in his pajamas at 10 am. His little brother is playing with his garbage/recycling truck. He’s naked. We could have saved ourselves hundreds of dollars by not buying him all those clothes.

Did I mention that it’s raining? It’s been raining for two days now. Hence, it’s a lazy Thursday. I can’t mow. The boys can’t play outside. Though I’m sure they’ll be out puddle jumping later. Perhaps I’ll join them, lest I go shack wacky. Ah, to be a kid again. Sometimes you just need to let your inner kid out to play.

Last week’s science questions were a fairly big hit so I thought I’d try it again. Same as last week, if you aren’t enlightened hopefully you’ll be enlaughened.

1. Why do yellow dandelions turn into yellow puff balls?

Crash: Because the sun heats them up and makes them into puff balls.
Bang: Because the grass goblins eat it and make it white and use them for parachutes. And we wreck their parachutes.


2. How do light bulbs work? (Thanks Nancy!)

Crash: They use electricity from the house and they light up
Bang: The electricity connects up to the house and makes electricity

3. Why are there no more dinosaurs? (Thanks Holly!)

Crash: Because a meteor hit the Earth and now they`re extinct.
Bang: Everyone shot them with a gun. even me!

4. How do seeds grow?

Crash: The water make them open up then they start to grow.
Bang: Because you water them and they grow and turn into broccoli and stuff

5. Why are there waves in the ocean?

Crash: Because it has something to do with the moon and also the wind blows the water around.
Bang: Because the seeds make the waves because they`re wave seeds and then the sharks eat the seeds and the waves go bye bye.

6. Why do magnets stick together?

Crash: I don`t know exactly but it`s some sort of electric force. The force pulls them together.
Bang: Because they’re one way. They can’t connect black to black. It can connect black to the back of the magnet because it’s sort of sticky so it sticks to the back.

7. Why do the seasons change?

Crash: If it was just winter we’d stay cold and we’d waste more energy on our heaters. But if the seasons change then that wouldn’t happen.
Bang: What are seasons? (I tell him spring, summer, fall and winter) Because when it comes to fall all the leaves land on the ground and make it change.


8. Why do we have night and day?

Crash: So we don’t get extremely tired. (So I ask him what makes it night and day) The Earth is moving around the sun and while it’s rotating around the sun the Earth is spinning in circles.
Bang: The sharks eat the day and night seeds. When they eat the day seeds it’s night. When they eat the night seeds it night. And when the night seeds are all gone, then the morning seeds can stay.

9. What is steam?

Crash: Vaporization.
Bang: Steam is sorta like smoke from a train. What makes the steam is the coal. The coal make the steam because you don’t want smoke in your train because that would make you sick.


10. Why does your belly growl when you’re hungry?

Crash: It’s telling you that it needs food and if you don’t feed it you’ll starve. And if you don’t eat for a long time you’ll die of starvation.
Bang: Because it wants food so it goes, “I WANT FOOD! GIVE ME SOME FOOD! I WANT BREAKFAST TIME! ARGHHHH!!!” It gets so angry. And the other side of my belly goes, “I’m hungry. Can I have some food, si vous plait”? Then when it gets it, it says, “Merci”.


*As you can tell from the recurrence of sharks that it is “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel. While he’s been paying attention, I guess he doesn’t quite understand exactly what sharks do.

**If you have a science question you think would be fun to hear their answer to please leave it in the comment section of this post.

***I am considering setting up the video camera and asking these questions so you can hear their responses. Sometimes there’s more to their answers than I can put into words. Would you like to see it?



26 thoughts on “Science Questions I Asked My Kids

  1. Love it! Can we agree that Crash operates more left brain and Bang more right? My favorite is the grass goblins and their escape on white dandelion parachutes. That sounds like a synopsis for a great new children’s book. You should start writing….😊 (btw, I love the term “shack wacky!” I’m so stealing that!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shack wacky is free for the stealing. The grass goblins is a story I told Bang a month or so ago while I I was outside mowing. It would make a fun book, I think. I’ve got it started. I just need to develop the plot. Bang is definitely the more creative one. Crash has idea on how things work so he tries for the actual answer 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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