Science Questions I Asked My Kids

Ahh… to view the world with child’s eyes. Nothing quite beats the imagination of our youth. The hows and the whys of our world might seem mind boggling. Except when viewed through the vision and mind of a child it’s all really quite simple. How else could one describe such complex intricacies so simply and so accurately.

I thought I’d try something a little different today. Normally, I ask my kids fun questions about life. Today’s questions are all sciencey (except for the dream question Bang was so eager to answer yesterday). This is their take on what happens in the world around them.

1. Did you have any dreams?

Bang: Yes. So like I don’t know where we were. It was sorta like the beach. It had lots and lots of sand but I don’t know where it was. There was a green train. It came toward us super fast. It didn’t need train tracks, it could go anywhere. On top of trees. In the water (the wheels go all gone and it rows). There was mean mom and she said “There goes your garbage”. I was swimming in the water and the train came on the sand. Then I woke up.

Crash: My friend and I were playing outside in the dark. Then someone jumped on my back. My friend was gone because he turned into a zombie Sponge Bob. So I ran away. A thing was hanging from a tree and it had a flashy button on it. I pushed the button and it exploded and I woke up.

2. Why does it rain?

Bang: Because the clouds go for a swim and suck up some water and when they go back in the sky the water comes out of little tiny holes and it rains.

Crash: Because when it gets hot some water from the oceans and stuff float up. It’s called vaporization. Then the clouds soak up the vaporization because they’re like sponges. They turn dark and the water falls out as rain and it all cycles through again and again.


3. Why do bees make honey?

Bang: To make honey sandwiches, honey bread, honey toast, and honey strawberries (which are orange and taste like honey)

Crash: So we can eat it, obviously.

4. Why is it windy?

Bang: because wind clouds come and they make the wind blow around.

Crash: Because God blows through his mouth and makes it windy.

5. Why is the sun hot?

: When you’re cooking something, the wires get hot so space gets hot and then the sun gets hot.

Crash: That’s an unanswerable question. Earth’s atmosphere is like a magnifying glass and the light from Earth heat up the sun.


6. How many bones are in your body?skeltw2

Bang: I would say a lot. I would say a really big number. 60 90 100

Crash: 163

7. What is the largest animal on Earth?

Bang: An elephant and rhino are bigger than all the animals.

Crash: The humpback whale. Whales are ginormous! Or is the beluga bigger?

8. Why is the sky blue?

Bang: Because there are blue snowballs that float in space and they make the sky blue.

Crash: Because of light. The sky is practically space, but the sun lights it up.


9. What makes a rainbow?

Bang: There are invisible balls inside the blue sky and it makes a rainbow when it’s ready to make one.

Crash: Rain and sun. Obviously the sun heats up the water and somehow it makes a rainbow in the sky.


10. How do airplanes stay up in the air?

Bang: They have 2 wings and really big propellers that spin super fast that they can stay up in the air when you count to a thousand.

Crash: Because they have turbines usually. And they have big gliding wings.


40 thoughts on “Science Questions I Asked My Kids

    • Thanks! Crash is about to be 9 and has studied some of this. He tried really hard to remember the number of bones in our body because they had just studied it last week. He was close. Bang just turned 5 and has a wickedly wild imagination. Glad you like it!

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    • He was SO excited to tell me about that train on the beach dream… As for the clouds swimming, I may have told them that a couple years ago. I’m surprised he remembered. The only difference is that I told him after the clouds go swimming they go back up in the sky and shake themselves off, and that’s what makes the rain. Weird what sticks with them…

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  1. Bang: Because the clouds go for a swim and suck up some water and when they go back in the sky the water comes out of little tiny holes and it rains.

    Greatest answer ever…..

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    • Thanks Shaundell! There’s a bit of a backstory to that one. 2 summers ago I told him it rains because clouds go swimming and when they go back into the sky they shake themselves off and that’s rain. I’m surprised/not surprised that story stuck for that long. Guess it’s time to start teaching the truth! 🙂


    • He knows about the water cycle (except it’s evaporation, but he was close!). He wasn’t sure why the sun was hot and couldn’t think of something to explain. That was a tough question and the real answer would be very difficult to explain. Funny answers none the less!

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  2. I always get a kick out of these, Eric!! I remember thinking I was so smart as a 10 year old as I announced to my mom that the wind blew because the Earth rotated. She simply asked me “If that is true, why doesn’t the wind blow all the time?” Well….yeah that made me think, LOL!

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    • That’s okay. Bang used to think it was windy because of the giant windmills he saw when I took him running. Glad your mom was able to keep you humble rather than just letting you think you knew it all 🙂

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  3. Brilliant idea. NG is about to be 3 and NC is only 9 months so it might be stretching it a bit to ask these questions but I’m going to give it a go. Love the answer about clouds going for a swim … fantastic imagery! #FabFridayPost


    • Thanks! NG might give some fun answers. I usually ask random questions (what animal they want to be or what they would name a new country). This was the first time I asked them questions that have correct answers. His clouds answer is from a slight fib I told him a couple summers ago about clouds going for a swim and then shaking themselves off and making rain. Should have known it would stick 🙂

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  4. Just read this post with my 11-yr-old son and he laughed all the way through. He says he can’t wait to visit again to read more of Crash and Bang’s answers! 🙂


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