The Little Climber

We love American Ninja Warrior. We enjoy watching people succeed as much as we enjoy watching them splash into the water. We root for every one. Of course, this means that Crash and Bang imitate the show when they can. There are worse shows to imitate. So I leave you tonight with a short clip of Bang. This obstacle would be the equivalent of American Ninja Warrior’s “Body Prop”.Β He would go right to the ceiling if the pictures weren’t in the way. He makes it look easy! This is also why our walls are forever dirty.

27 thoughts on “The Little Climber

  1. Astonishing talent…riveting stuff! Especially the fall.

    When Dude was much, much younger he watched WWE. One day I walked into the lounge only to find Dude towering over his sister with his little plastic chair, ready to smash her head. I intervened and since then they’re not allowed to watch WWE.

    I might reconsider the embargo when he turns 21.

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    • From the top rope! Bodyslam pile driver! Too funny, playing WWE. My brother and used to watch He-Man and he would imitate Ram-Man. He’d drive his head into the back of the couch like he was smashing walls. He showed our dad one day, except he did to the floor. He stopped playing Ram-Man after that.

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  2. I LOVE this show too! My husband and I have been watching it for the last 3 seasons (this is our 4th season). Though I do feel a bit guilty that I’m usually eating some unhealthy snack while watching πŸ˜€

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