A Little Boy’s Dream Come True

Diggers. Dumpers. Dozers. Graders. Rollers. Brushers. Pavers. Most little boys I know absolutely love love love these machines. You can imagine Bang’s excitement when he woke at 7 am to find these machines working in our neighbor’s driveway. Except for the dozer and paver, they were all there. They were all working.

Several driveways in our neighborhood (including our own) are being replaced. The excavator ripped out the old driveway and dumped it in the dump trucks. The trucks hauled it away and brought back crusher gravel to lay the bed of the new driveway.

At 7 am last Monday Bang woke and heard the trucks. As predicted, we heard the thump thump thump of two little feet running down the stairs. Those two little feet carried him right out of the front door. We didn’t even get a hi, hello, good morning, or piss off. He was on a mission.

Unfortunately, he had school that morning so he couldn’t just hang out and watch all day. As soon as he got home at noon, though, he right out there watching.

The only difference on Tuesday was that he didn’t have school. It was raining, but like a true digger and dumper enthusiast he didn’t let that stop him from watching. He was an excavator spectator. Oh sure, I suppose mom and dad were excited, too. We were getting nice, new, flat, smooth, asphault driveways! Would I like to be running this excavator? My inner little boy would love it.


a front row seat


22 thoughts on “A Little Boy’s Dream Come True

    • We live in a housing Co-Op. The driveways are on really rough shape. Since our Co-op has the money to replace them, that’s what they’re doing. (It was voted upon) So when I say neighborhood, I just mean the duplexes in our co-op πŸ™‚


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