Sing Loud, Sing Proud

There is something about a group of kids singing that gets me every time. I love it. Last night was no different.

Crash is in the school choir. Tonight was their final performance of the year. Five other schools performed as well. Roughly 300 kids participated in this musical endeavour. It was an awesome concert and there was definitely a vast amount of work put into it.

Crash was dropped off at the doors at 4:45. He then had a final rehearsal, supper (pizza) then prepared to perform.

Meanwhile, back home, DW, Bang, and I shovelled supper into us and got to the school at 5:20. The doors didn’t open until 6, but already there was a crowd waiting to get in. This event was a big deal. Bang stood with us for 40 minutes and was well behaved. It could have gone either way, really.

Then we had an hour of sitting and waiting for the 7 pm concert to start. 7 pm is usually when the boys head up the stairs to get ready for bed. A little Candy Crush kept Bang and I entertained  for a while. Until we ran out of lives, anyway. Then we practiced our selfies.

C and I

I think we’re getting pretty good at this!

T C and I

Then mom jumped in on the action!



Normally, I wouldn’t post photos to the blog with other people’s kids. I think I’m okay with this one because you can’t identify anyone in this bright, blurry photo. This is just Crash’s choir. When the other schools joined in they took up the whole stage and spread from auditorium wall to auditorium wall. They sang loud. They sang proud.

We were certainly proud.

“Did I earn another mini-figure?” was asked on our way home afterwards.

“Yes. You performed well.”

“I get one, too!” his little brother responded.

“Yes. Yes you do. You were well behaved for the 3 hours this thing took place.”


13 thoughts on “Sing Loud, Sing Proud

  1. That definitely deserves a Mini-Figure! For both of them. My daughter’s big recital is coming up in a couple of weeks. It’s now that the dance school starts preparing the choreography for each and every group. My daughter does 3 of them, Jazz, Contemporary and Glee. It not only makes me proud to watch her but also broke paying for the costumes… anyway. It’s always fantastic to watch them all perform and especially hear them sing in Glee. And then at home… and practicing. I really like it.

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    • Crash really enjoys choir, but he won’t sing at home! I tried to get him to sing some of his choir songs, but he left the room. Good luck to your daughter! It so much fun watching all their hard work come ro fruitition.

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      • She loves performing. She loves the stage. It’s funny to see how different kids are. My son just had a presentation yesterday and he did very well, but you can tell the difference between the two of them. He would not choose the spotlight, she is looking for it 😉

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  2. Reward systems are the best. It’s great because it helps them listen more, but also teaches them how it will be in the real world. Work hard = Get Rewards. Choir is a great thing to be a part of! Good to start them young 🙂

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    • Rewards are tricky though. We’d like them to do good because they want to do good not because there is reward in it. But I guess when you’re 8, it’s tough to feel good for doing good. Tough to avoid the “what’s in it for me” mentality 🙂

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