Fun Facts

First, I want you to imagine a guinea pig. Imagine it in all it’s hair. Now removed its hair. Shave it clean off. Right down to its skin. Here’s the ugly thing you should be imagining right about now…


This guinea pig was not shaved. It just has no hair. It’s hairless. Bald. I can relate.  Maybe it’s not so ugly.

Fun Facts: It’s a hairless guinea pig called a Skinny Pig. They have been in existence for less than 40 years. They weren’t discovered on some uncharted island far away, but in a lab. They were a cross between a hairless strain and a hairy guinea pig. They want to breed them to use as test subjects. Hence the expression guinea pig to come to mean a first time experiment.  They are mammals (just like us bipedal humans). These new Skinny Pigs became test subjects in dermatological studies. Yes, skin testers.

Fun Facts: Without hair they are more sensitive to temperature changes. Much like we are when we’re naked. They also also eat slightly more than their hairy counterparts in an effort to maintain their body fat. They are also susceptible to sunburn and skin infections, because, you guessed it, they ain’t go no hair!

Fun Facts: They tend to grow to be 8-11 inches (20-28 cm) long and live to be about 7 or 8 years old.

Fun facts: I know these things exist because Bang wants one. We saw one some time ago – at least 6 months, maybe more. It was love at first sight. He’s been talking about it ever since. Just yesterday he mentioned again that he still wants a skinny pig.

I still want a bearded dragon. They make lousy running partners, though.




41 thoughts on “Fun Facts

  1. Great post! I don’t know why, but anything without hair that is supposed to have hair creeps me out! hubby wants a hairless cat..eekk! Makes my skin crawl!

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  2. I’ve had 2 beardies in my day. The first one, Mr. Sexy, lived about 13 years. Our second, Bowser, died a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I had given him to a cousin once my son was born. Still, they are great pets.

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  3. Bearded dragon’s are so cool!! I’d love to have them but the only thing is that they need warmth and that’d consume too much electricity to keep them here!

    Those hairless guinea pigs- they hv the cat version called the spinx or Devon rex (not completely hairless but little hair). Ugly but cute! Although they do look weird to be hairless!


  4. How interesting. I’m not so sure if the facts are “fun”. I have this thing towards animal testing thing, when I buy stuffs I will try to avoid it if I can but it is so hard. The skinny fellow looks so cute and sad perhaps, a bearded dragon would be a better pet. 🙂 Thank you so much for linking up with me on #FabFridayPost


    • It is tough to choose causes. Less packaging, eco friendly, biodegradable, non-animal tested, safe products. Part of me is thankful for these little testers. It means the products aren’t being tested on me. But the other part of me wishes we’djust make products that don’t need to be tested. Either way, I’d rather have the dragons 😀

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  5. These Skinny pigs look kind of cute in a funny sort of way! I don’t think I would want them as a pet though, nor a bearded dragon either. I am quite happy with our cat 🙂 #FabFridayPosts


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    • I once had a guinea pig in my 4th grade classroom 🙂 The kids love her, but she was stinky. I found that even after I gave her away my classroom retained a faint smell of her 3 years later!


      • I’ve never noticed a smell (they’re cleaned out twice a week and live in our lounge so I’d notice it!) but everything I wear seems to have fur on it even after washing. Oh the perils of a white guinea pig and black dresses!!

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      • LOL I think that goes for anything with fur and black dresses 😀 You keep your guinea pigs cage very clean… that was probably my mistake. I only cleaned it on weekends.


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