Disney LEGO


I figure this post should get a million views. Of course they’ll mostly be by kids between the ages of 5 and 10. Every kid into Disney and every kid into LEGO.

And every adult into either, as well.

DW and myself included.

Backstory first. Crash’s teacher emailed us last week to tell us what great job he did on his writing. He sat undistracted (major feat) for two and a half hours and wrote a play. His writing was neat. His writing was on the lines. We were so happy to hear this news! One thing he normally does’t like to do is write. He loves making up stories, of course, but to write it all down? You might as well ask him to wash the dishes.

We told him how proud we were of him to work that hard for that long and to do neat work was incredible. We praised him. After the boys were in bed, I had to go to our friendly, local Wal-Mart for kids Claritin (allergy season). While I was there, I popped over to the toy department and found some LEGO mini-figures. I picked up one for Crash for his hard work in school and I picked up one for Bang for whatever hard work he did. When I showed them to DW she noticed they were Disney and got all excited. Then I did, too.

LEGO has just released its first series of LEGO mine-figures!

The next morning, the boys opened their package to reveal that they had just earned the Cheshire Cat and the Genie. That morning, after DW dropped Crash and I off at school, she and Bang went back to the store to get more. Judging by feel, we think we’re missing just three characters.

The boys have to earn them, though. We’re mean like that. Crash woke up Sunday morning and cleaned up all the toys in the basement! Cha-ching! He’s been motivated!

DW just informed me that if I fix all the mistakes in this post I can earn one too! I hope I get Stitch.

Our hope is that when these characters are passed on to our grandkids, they’ll be worth more than what we paid for them. It’s Disney. It’s LEGO. We’ll at least have some fun with them until then!

IMG_0280Cheshire Cat, Genie, Maleficent, and Donald Duck –
the four who have been earned so far.

Note: Our minifigure collection is NOTHING compared to Tracey’s Funko collection

29 thoughts on “Disney LEGO

  1. Very cool! I am a big Lego fan/collector, but I am taking my time getting these onlne because it seems I always get the ones I don’t really want instead when I try to choose in the store (for example, I have two Daisy Ducks…I dont even know if I wanted one!). I do have Alice, so I really want the Cheshire Cat next.

    Great incentive for the kids. And parents 😀

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  2. Pssst… we have the ENTIRE set now… 3 on the way in the mail… figured spending a little extra to get the 3 we were missing rather than having to travel all over the place to try to hunt them down it was worth it. I’m sure the staff at Wal-Mart thought I was nuts. I made 3 trips out there standing for a half hour or more each time feeling the bags to try to figure out which ones they were. Opened them all up to check after getting home, then re-sealed them so the kids are still surprised to see which ones they get. I only managed to get a couple of doubles…not bad considering the full set has 18. Maybe you can earn one by going back and editing all of your mistakes in this post Hubband! 😉

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    • Oh my Dear Wifey… you get what you get because when I write with a certain 4 year old begging to play I have to type fast. I can barely read slow, let alone fast. So the editing is atrocious. I’ll fix ‘er up if I get a mini-figure! I want Stitch please 🙂


  3. I know she’s a bad guy, but look at cute little Maleficent! 🙂

    I just don’t collect much anymore (with the exception of books and movies – probably because of moving so often), but I can definitely see the massive, double appeal of this series. Yeah, you probably will get a million hits on this post. 🙂

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    • It’s working for now. It will only last until we run out of minifigures to give them. Mind you they don’t earn them every day. It has to be something above and beyond in order to be earned. DW thought for sure the people at Wal-Martwere going to hink she was nuts going back 3 times. She was just determined 🙂

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  4. Oh I remember when we chased after them for the kids. Little treats, earned of course. I like the mini figures. They make it so easy on you as a parent to treat your child with something small they really like!


  5. When my oldest was younger he was obsessed with CARS the movie and earned nearly every character. He then moved onto Ben 10. That one last a long time. He’s 12 nearly 13 and still loves playing and creating his Hero Factory. I love that he still enjoys doing it. I could totally relate to this post.


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