Eco Kids

It all starts with you.

Or me.

Or our kids.

Or someone else starts it.

At some point someone will get tired of seeing litter and will decide to do something about it. Someone mentioned that a group should get together to clean up an area. Some else asked, “Why does it have to be a group? Why not just take a garbage bag with you when you take your dog for walk? Why not take a bag with you when you go to the park? Why not?”

It’s the little things that matter the most.

Every spring our town calls for a band of volunteers to help clean up our town. Volunteers register and either pick or get assigned a small area to clean up. Naturally, some areas are worse than others. It just depends on where the winds blow and what’s around to catch the garbage; fences, tall grasses, bushes, buildings, etc… We picked the area in front of the bar/Chinese restaurant.

DW likes Chinese food. The bar is for a significantly younger crowd.

It’s a pretty set up they have. Volunteers spend a couple hours on a Saturday morning picking up garbage and beautifying the town we live in. The town provides gloves, garbage bags and garbage bag pick up. Actually, it was a local car dealership who offered to pick up the full garbage bags. The town also provided t-shirts, BBQ hotdogs, apples, bananas and Timbits afterward.

This event had been planned for weeks so, of course, it rained. It poured. Cats and dogs kind of rain. The kind of rain Fort Mac so desperately needs but isn’t getting. We survived an hour of the rains and made significant headway in our clean up when the kids were done and approaching melt down. It was a bit chilly being so wet. We tried not to get too mad at them, even though there was still more garbage. We cut our loses, decided we had cleaned enough in the rain and the rest would wait for better weather.

before clean up


after clean up














So perhaps the next time you go for a walk, perhaps with your dog or perhaps your cat or even your lobster if you live in Atlantic Canada, you could take a bag, big or small, with you to pick any litter you might find along the way. Imagine if we all…

If only there was a way to stop it at its source…


This is exactly what we were finding. Sad.


15 thoughts on “Eco Kids

  1. Seeing the garbage hiding under melting snow IS sad. I think about it every time I walk my lobster. 😉 It definitely is the small things that matter, and posts like this may encourage people not to throw trash on the street in the first place. Good job with your clean up!
    Fort Mac is hurting my heart right now. I know so many maritimers directly affected by the fire. Hopefully they get some rain!

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    • Fort Mac isn’t looking too encouraging. The air quality is horrendous. On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being the best and 10 the worst) it’s 38. The fire is still spreading. Though I haven’t heard of any more communities being effected. More of the work camps were evacuated, however. I hope it rains hard on them real soon. I hope this post encourages some to help clean up their little corner of Earth. It doesn’t take a great many to do big things. Small things done by a few add up quickly.

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  2. My city is horrendous for that. I’ve taken to social media to shame these people – I take a picture of their car when I catch them tossing trash out of the window. Makes me furious.

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    • That and tossing cigarette butts on the ground. Especially if people smoke in the same place every time and end up with a pile of. them. Instead just getting a container to keep there and empty now and then they just toss them on the ground. Some stats say they take up to 10 years to decompose (not to mention the hundreds of chemicals that leech into the ground and water. UGH!

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  4. I remember that in Elementary school, on a warm Friday in April, Earth Day would fall. On that day, several parents volunteered to drive a pick-up truck, and we were divided into groups, one group to a truck, and we would drive around the township, and the driver would stop, we’d all jump out and start picking up all the trash along the road sides. We lived out in the country, so everything came from the ditches alongside the road, and all went into big garbage bags (there was no recycling way back then). When we were done collecting, we took all the bags to the dump to get rid of them. Back in those days, everything wound up at the dump, from bags of trash to old car doors, even old appliances end up there. That was our way of cleaning up the township, being able to celebrate Earth Day in a very positive way, a way that taught us to pick it up, rather than throw it down. Now I think I’m inspired to take along a bag when I make my way to the grocery store, as garbage seems to collect all along the side of the grocery store, oftentimes stopping the wheelchairs or walkers on their way and back. But now we actually have to take two bags – one for recycling and the other for trash.


    • It would have been more fun had it not down poured the entire time. We did well for the hour we worked at it, though! You’re right, sad that it’s needed. I would love to see geese on a walkabout, strutting around like they have somewhere important to be…

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