10 Questions I Asked My Kids

It’s Thursday! We’re well over the hump and cruising into the weekend. Crash landed home from school asking to go to the park. I was elbow deep in making ham and scalloped potatoes for supper so DW agreed to take them. Turns out they had a secret plan planned in class to meet at the park. A few friends met him there. One came back to our house afterward and joined us for supper. Turns out Crash had math homework. Lucky for him his friend was willing to help him. All he had to do was measure the perimeter of three objects around the house.

Anyway, with his math finished I started asking my questions. I included Crash’s friend this week. They’re the same age. DW started tossing in her own answers so I gave her her own column this week. Perhaps she’ll become a regular?

As always, if you have any fun questions you think would evoke some funny answers, let me know in the comments!

1. What is your favorite word?

DW: It’s not child friendly
Bang: Hamster
Crash: Awesome
Friend: Fantastic

2. What’s something I always say to you?

DW: Lubboo
Bang- Get dressed
Crash: Do your homework
Friend: Pick up your dirty clothes (told by his mom)

3. What is my favorite thing to do?

DW: Go running
Bang: Clean up
Crash: Play baseball
Friend: Just sit and do nothing (his mom)

4. What do I do when you’re not around?

DW: Go running
Bang: Go to teach
Crash: Have friends over to play games when I’m in bed.
Friend: She cleans and has some peace and quiet (his mom)

5. What am I really good at?

DW: Cooking
Bang- Running on the treadmill. You’re really good at that.
Crash: Scratching my back
Friend: Cleaning (his mom)

6. What is something I’m not good at?

DW: Making doughboys and cleaning… you just tidy.
Bang: Wiping your bum when you poop.
Crash: Getting 10,000 steps
Friend: Getting me to clean up my clothes (his mom)

7. Did you have any dreams last night?

DW: I did, but I don’t remember. I remembered this morning, but I forget now. I think it was something about Fort McMurrray.
Bang: Yep. Bowser destroyed Princess Peach’s tower. And Bowser threw a bomb inside Mario and Luigi’s house and they all exploded at once. Then the house fell over. And they got lots of glue and fixed it all up.
Crash: Yep. Me and my friend were going to Wal-mart and suddenly heard a roar. It was my friend’s extremely loud burp.
Friend: It wasn’t last night, but my weirdest dream was that I was flying our bunk beds around and a chubby lady was on the top bunk dancing. I was like “hi” then I woke up.

8. What’s the hardest thing about being a kid?

DW: Cranky parents.
Bang: Planting a tree is really really hard.
Crash: You’re not the boss and get told to do things.
Friend: Not being able to stay up late.

9. How tall are mom and dad?

Bang: Really tall. Like extremely tall. You’re 24. Wow, you’re tall.
Crash: 3’6″
Friend: 10′ (his parents)

10. If you could choose a different name for yourself, what name would you choose?

DW: Rich. Very Very Rich.
Bang: Barkose.
Crash: The Rizzler
Friend: Awesome Guy


11 thoughts on “10 Questions I Asked My Kids

    • He thinks we do. We might have friends over after hours once every 3 months. I have no idea where the idea of not wiping myself came from. What’s even funnier is that I asked him that LAST Thursday. He gave me the same answer today.

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