Going Liebster

Thanks to Tiffany over at Sounds Like Life to Me for nominating me for the Liebster Award. High fives all around!

According to Eli,

It’s a little known fact that the Liebster originated in 1901, the brainchild of one American philosopher Anna Brackett, inspired by a lost text from the Book of Matthew, recently found buried in a time capsule found in Haverhill, N.H., during the Chowder Festival.

Sounds about right to me. Though, like Yoda, no one knows its true origins.

So the rules of acceptance are to share 11 mysterious things you may or may not already know about me. Followed by 11 more questions asked by my friend Tiffany. Followed by my own nominations in which I provide 11 of my own questions.

11 things about me

  1. I used to hate mayonnaise and apple pie. Now I don’t mind a little mayo and I love apple pie.
  2. I’m an extroverted introvert.
  3. I enjoy cooking and my cooking enjoys music.
  4. My kids don’t think I’m all that funny.
  5. I’m not a gym teacher, but all the gym teachers think I am.
  6. I’m an Orioles fan living in Blue Jay territory. I’ve lost one son to the Jays.
  7. Nothing is quite as much fun as a giant box, empty wrapping paper tube and bubble wrap. Having the trifecta would be more fun than one person could have alone.
  8. When I drink Gatorade after a run I drink blue Gatorade.
  9. I’ve been playing the guitar for 15 years but still can’t play a whole song.
  10. I dig holes just so I can fill them in again.
  11. I wrote a whole post on stuff about me.

Now on to the question portion…

  1. Furthest place you have visited? The furthest north and west I’ve been is Calgary. The furthest south is Costa Rica.
  2. What are some of your best memories? Wedding day and the birth of my two boys. Growing up I loved 4th of July trips to Harpers Ferry with my mom, dad, and brother and playing sport in high school. 
  3. Dumbest thing you have ever done? Put my head in a cinder block. Went to a concert but left the tickets on the fridge. Tried to fly to Nova Scotia without my birth certificate (before the days of having to have a passport) Sledded off the neighbor’s garage roof. Rode my bike to the park and walked home. I could go on and on…
  4. What has been your best job?  I loved working as Agricultural Scout. I got to be outside all summer. But I LOVE teaching.
  5. Name your favorite movie soundtrack. Last of the Mohicans.

6. Tell us just ONE of your biggest pet peeves. Littering
7. If you could go back in time, would you? That would depend on how far. Maybe?
8. Do you sing in the car like no one is watching when that one song comes on? I do. I sing like no one is watching when it’s just the kids listen. One yells at me to stop.
9. Last time you sent a handwritten thank you note? Does the note I wrote about today in school count? I wrote to tell the teacher how the day went and thanked her for her detailed lesson plan. If it doesn’t count, then it’s been a hundred years give or take.
10. What is your favorite thing to do first thing in morning? Eat. And check email.
11. What inspires you? Nike commercials. DW and the kids are really good at inspiring me to do stuff.  Like cook supper.

Now to nominate some others. As always this is strictly a shout out because I enjoy your blog. HIGH FIVE, BRO! If you don’t want to partake, that’s cool. I’ll still enjoy your blog.

Admissions of A Working Mother
SuperMom Mentality
Anxious Mom

If you feel so inclined, here are my eleven questions for you.

  1. Who is your favorite actor/actress.
  2. How many hours of sleep do you get each night?
  3. What’s something that your kids do to drive you crazy, but doesn’t make you angry?
  4. Have you ever embarrassed yourself?
  5. What’s your favorite meal to cook?
  6. Which flavor of ice cream is most like your personality? Why?
  7. What’s one of your kid’s shows that you don’t mind watching over and over?
  8. If you take a week long vacation without kids to anywhere in your own country, where would you go?
  9. Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer? Why?
  10. You’re life now has a soundtrack. What’s its title?
  11. Are you more hunter or gatherer?

If I didn’t name you personally but you want to participate, fill yer boots! Like Cards Against Humanity, all are welcome to play along.

Thanks again to Tiffany! Hop on over to see her. Her oldest is graduating high school!


24 thoughts on “Going Liebster

  1. I STILL don’t know what Cards Against Humanity is. I’ve heard of it for probably the last year. No idea.

    1. Tough. I think I could say Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford, and Jennifer Lawrence and Helen Mirren. (It’ll change within a fortnight.)
    2. Hahahhahahaaha.
    3. The baby walks in circles, and the oldest won’t stop talking about Minecraft.
    4. Oh my gosh, yes. But not sharing details. Sorry, folks.
    5. Chicken curry.
    6. Black cherry vanilla. (Make of that what you will!)
    7. Thomas and Friends, and Ninjago.
    8. Cape Cod. (But I’d want to take the kids later.)
    9. Not answering. (It wasn’t for anything terrible, though.)
    10. “The Invisible Moth: Dreamings and Muses.”
    11. Neither. A little of both. Depends on what I’m gathering/hunting for.


    • Cards against humanity is game that allows good people to say bad things and the worse they are the funnier they are and more likely to win. Great answers! I think you need to explain #4 🙂


      • Oh, okay. Probably will never play it though…I don’t really play card games or similar.
        Nooo! 🙂 An example – my friend (we were in college, remember this) was tickling me in the hallway, and for some reason when she had wrestled me to the floor, she took off my shoe and ran away with it. Instead of choosing to sit somewhere calmly, I went running after her wearing one shoe. People laughed a lot more at me than at her.

        Liked by 1 person

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  3. Wooo hoooo! Congratulations! I had completely missed this with no pingbacks at all and I happened to be catching up on your posts today from a while back. Thank you , Eric! 😀 Gladly accepted. And OMG! The Last Mohican! Great movie (one of my favourites) and definitely an awesome soundtrack to boot. Brings back such nostalgia for me!

    Liked by 1 person

      • That was how long ago I haven’t been reading and I’m only able to start catching up! I hardly ever miss your post – maybe a few here and there – but otherwise, yours is one of my very regular and must-read stops! 😀


      • This happened on May 9th 🙂 I’m honored to be must read. Thanks for getting caught up! Crash and I are reading “Number the Stars” which takes place in Denmark (Copenhagen to be exact) during the Nazi occupation and Every time I think, “I know somebody in Denmark!”

        Liked by 1 person

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