Fort Mac On My Mind

The world hasn’t gone to shit. It’s still a good place, regardless of what the popular opinion might be. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd anyway. I was the only one rockin’ the parachute pants and neon shirts in middle school and I loved it. So, when I say the world is a good place full of good people, you can believe me.

There is a major wildfire out of control in Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada. It’s grown 8 times in size in the last 24 hours to cover 850 square kilometers.

AB wildfire map

The size of the wildfire as of 11 pm Thursday

As of right now, the fire is spreading south, away from Ft. McMurray. A change in wind direction is all that’s needed for that to change. They’ve enforced a mandatory evacuation of the entire city. 90,000 people told to leave their home and find safety elsewhere. Where do you put 90,000 homeless people?

Good citizens answered that question. They offered space in their own home. They opened their doors to strangers in a time of need. People with a room or two or more to spare have taken in people with nowhere to go. They have bought supplies ranging from deodorant to pet food. Fitness centers are allowing evacuees to use their showers. U-Haul is offering evacuees boxes and a free month of storage. Labatt Breweries says it will donate 69,000 cans of drinking water, and has 131,000 more at the ready if needed. Red Cross is ramping up its call centers to deal with the influx of monetary donations.

Not long ago, Canada took in thousands of Syrian refugees. They are now returning the kind heartedness by stepping up to help the evacuees. People who had next to nothing just months ago are now helping those who have nothing. I’d say they are more Canadian than some of the Canadians we know.

Because, believe it or not, some have tried to make this political. Some have not been so kind. These are the people who hate those who work in the oilsands. Who hate those who drive the big gas guzzling trucks. They have no sympathy for the people who have just lost everything. They can’t empathize. They have total disregard that these are human beings just like themselves who work and eat and live just like the rest of us.

To borrow someone else’s words…

I’ve been seeing a lot of disgusting comments floating around the internet, so I just want to put this out there:

You can hate big oil if you want to.
You can even hate Alberta in general for supporting big oil.
You can hate people who drive gas-guzzling trucks.
You can hate people who support communities that rely on oil.
You can have all the feelings you want about global climate change, and “dirty” industry, and the people who make that industry a reality. You might even have some good points hidden in there.

But if you take those feelings and you turn around and use them to call down people who have just had their entire lives taken away from them, people who are absolutely terrified, people who don’t know where their family members are, who have no idea when or if they’ll ever get to go home… If you take your hatred for an IDEAL and an INDUSTRY and place that hatred on the HUMAN BEINGS who are currently going through hell and back…you are a vile, disgusting creature; I refuse to even refer to you as a “person”. Kindly take your high horse and ride it off somewhere where you don’t have to offend good people with your ignorant, asinine bullshit.

~Tracey of NoPageLeftBlank


There are good people out there. There are still far more good people than evil. As with any catastrophic event some people run away. However, there are always people who run to help. While 90,000 citizens evacuate the city, there are fire fighters, paramedics, RCMP and countless others staying behind to help bring this beast under control. They are trying to protect what hasn’t yet been lost. They are people we know, family, friends, our friends family and friends.

Bruce blessings @CH_Cartoon 

Rain will be the only vanquisher of this beast of fire. It hasn’t rained in For McMurray for quite a while. There is no expected rain in the forecast for the next two weeks. It rained here in Nova Scotia today. It rained all day long and it’s going to rain all night long. I won’t complain. The kids were restless and wiry from being cooped up in the house all day. I won’t complain because at least we have a house. The roads were slick with puddles. I won’t complain because at least I have a vehicle to drive. My kids drive me nuts sometimes. I won’t complain because at least I know they’re safe.





28 thoughts on “Fort Mac On My Mind

  1. Well said. My heart aches whenever I hear about something like this. The idea that some find the need to make everything political is a hard pill to swallow. Not being in Canada, I hadn’t heard much detail about the fires, other than the grand scope of the devastation. In a way, I’m glad I haven’t been aware of the more hurtful, and shameful, aspects of commentary. You’re right, there still are good people in the world, and remembering and acting on that is powerful.

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    • The only reason this has any effect on me is because I do live in Canada and I know people in that area and have friends who have family there. If we were still living in VA, this probably wouldn’t have the effect on me that it does. There’s been an outpouring of assistance in both monetary donations and item donations. It’s been incredible to see how people and businesses from all over the country are helping.

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  2. Here here. I love how people were just verbally abusing the Syrian refugees a very short time ago, and now a ton of them have turned around and are doing everything they can to help the Fort Mac evacuees. There’s really something to be said for that, and I hope it helps to clap a few traps shut.

    On a more pleasant note though, I’m pretty amazed with the outpouring of help that’s been happening everywhere. Saskatchewan radio stations apparently raised over $650k for the relief fund yesterday. The Chase the Ace in Sydney is sending out a portion of their profit. Our kids’ school is raising funds today. What amazes me the most is the personal contributions though… My cousin is currently in Edmonton, having left behind her home in Fort Mac. She didn’t take many clothes with her (she was more concerned with the essentials and taking as much of her son’s stuff as possible) so she went to a women’s clothing store in the mall last night. The second the workers found out where she was from they bent over backward to give her as many discounts as they could get the system to accept…she ended up with well over $500 worth of clothes for only $150. THEN, when she was trying to pay, a random woman came up behind her, asked if she’d come from Fort Mac, and then shoved a hundred dollar bill at the cashiers and refused to take it back. That right there, that is truly amazing and it makes me proud to be Canadian.

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    • I hope you don’t mind that I used your latest FB status. You said what I was aiming for with just enough force to be serious but not come across as a hothead 🙂 When I saw that story about the refugees helping I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Some of them giving away furniture that had been given to them when they moved to Canada. It’s been incredible to hear about people and businesses from all over the country doing what they can help Fort Mac. My son and I are both at school today with our toonies ready send our raindrops west. If only we could bucket up all the rain we got yesterday and last night and today… Thanks for sharing the story of your cousin. I truly believe that even with all the bad there is in the world, there is still far more good. This just helps prove that.

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      • No problem. I tried my best to get across the rage I was feeling without getting too hotheaded about it. It’s helped to hear about all the people who have been helping… I sent little missy to school with her toonie today as well, and a nice bright blue dress-shirt. 🙂

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      • Wise of you not to get hotheaded. That would be like asking the trolls to come out and play 🙂 I was subbing in missy’s class yesterday for a little while. I got high fived 🙂


  3. Some people just seem to be completely lacking in empathy – even sympathy, half the time. It’s so lovely to hear of those who are helping though, and I hope it will be their example which has the biggest impact on the next generation. x #fabfridaypost


  4. I’ve been reading about the fire and it’s unthinkable. I’m down here in hurricane land. The same damn things happen when a bad one hits: people blame the government, the national guard, the police, the victims themselves. The REAL people turn that merde off and help each other out – community grills, water and ice deliveries, sharing generators. I’m glad y’all have lots of REAL people up there. Fingers crossed for the safest and quickest resolution possible.


    • So long as the winds stay from the North the fire will spread away from the city. Should it decide to blow from the south it’ll be even more catastrophic. I drives me insane when people insist on looking for blame. They need stop blaming someone/thing for why it happened and start becoming part of the solution. Whether it’s hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, collapsed mine shafts, be a part of the solution or stay out and stay quiet.


  5. Dude! I totally agree! The world is a wonderful place and there are so many awesome people out there making a difference. Politics SUCK! . . . . politics require painting the world as increasing messed up, and they as the answer. Good people and the awesome things that are going on won’t get votes. Fear and anger gets votes, so every picture a political party paints is specifically designed to make you afraid and angry. There is certainly plenty of things on this earth that are messed up and horrifying, but I just don’t see them as a majority.

    So glad there are other people out there who can see the awesomeness that is everywhere.

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  6. Yes I’ve read and seen the news about the crazy fire that’she happening over there. For days now! That’s really, really scary!
    It is though truly heartening to hear that Syrian refugees are the ones who step up. There’s really nothing to lose when you’ve lost everything. There’s hope for humanity.
    When we heard the news several days ago, it crossed my mind that hey! U guys are in Canada! Glad that you and your family are not affected.
    May the fire be put out soon but I also heard that they are expecting it to get bigger in the next few days. That would be a disaster. My thoughts go out to those affected. We’ll definitely offer our space if we are there!


    • The refugees hwve done what they can. The red cross has raised 44 million. People have opened their homes to strangers. The fire is expected to double overnight tonight. This fire won’t be extinguished without the help of Mother a nature’s rain. It won’t be stopped by firefighters. It leaped a kilometer wide river to ignite on the other side. They are predicting months before it’s out.


      • We are approximately 3,234 miles away. We’re safe 🙂 Being ignorant on Canada geography while living in Thailand is forgiveable! I hope the reverse is true… you can forgive my ignorance on Thai geography 🙂


  7. Thank you for this. Looking for the good is a choice. Sometimes it is easy to forget we have that choice when surrounded by negativity. We need to shout out the good in the world so much more, and make sure that our children know it is there.


    • We al2ays looj fornhe good in these situations. We hopenour 2 boys will do the same as they grow older. You’re right, it’s easy to see the negative but we have to make the choice to see the positive.

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