We want to give the boys something to do and some experience playing team sports. This evening we made them ballers.

Not basketballers, baseballers. Like their father before them, they too will play baseball. I remember living baseball all summer long. If I wasn’t at practice or a game I was playing pitch and catch or wiffleball homerun derby in the backyard. That was middle school. Going even farther back, I remember little league.

We just signed both boys up for baseball. Crash will play real games this summer instead of just practices like he had last summer. Bang will need a baseball mitt. He is the odd  duck in the family because he’s the only one who throws left-handed.

They are already at odds with each other because Crash pretends to be a Baltimore Oriole while Bang pretends to be a Toronto Blue Jay. DW said to him, “We’ll have to get you some Blue Jays gear.” Then gave me a shifty eyed look to see my reaction. I just shook my head and pretended I didn’t hear it.


Having never been on an official baseball team before, Crash was full of questions.

Will we play on a real field? Yes buddy you will.

With lights and a stadium? No you’re not in the big leagues yet.

Who will be my coach? I don’t know.

Which field will we play on? The same one you did last year and field of which ever team we travel to.

We will travel to other fields? Like on a bus? No. Not on a bus. In our truck when we take you.

Is Bang signed up too? Yes, your contracts are signed. Unlike the big leagues, you don’t get paid, but have to pay.

Now to teach him some of the rules he doesn’t know. Forced outs. Fly balls.  The positions. He’s already ahead of me when I was nearly his age. He knows which direction to run the bases. My dad stole my bases until I agreed to run the right direction. I suppose I’ll allow him to stay up to watch some O’s games with me and we can discuss the rules as they happen.


True, but we REALLY love soccer, too.

18 thoughts on “Ballers

  1. I think my Dad wished he had a boy to teach baseball to…or even an athletic girl! My sister and I were not so much into sports but I did get a love for watching hockey with him which we did right up until he passed away. Dads and their kids sharing sports however it works – a crucial part of growing up!

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    • Little league was fun. As was senior league (that was the age group after little league 13-15 year olds). After that I played in high school. But it wasn’t as much fun there. I’ll be fun to relive those day through the boys.

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  2. Aw I hope they love it! Sam and I were both baseball nuts (it’s what we both played in school, well softball for me) and we couldn’t wait till the day we got to coach LM. We did one season, but it turns out that LM isn’t…well suited to baseball. So now we’re soccer nuts. 😛 Maybe Baby Girl will be a baller!

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    • I hope they love it as much I want them to love it. But I suppose I better steel myself in case that doesn’t happen. There’s always definitely always soccer! Good luck with BG! 🙂


  3. My little one plays baseball like his father. When I first started going out with hubby he was still playing baseball and was in the A team for his club. I miss those days seeing him in his uniform. Now my little guy is playing, we’re back to early Saturday games and training twice a week. Fun times. Tell your boys, good luck from my boys. A G’day from the Aussie’s 🙂


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