April A-Z Challenge: Meet & Greet

I had this big idea this morning that with the conclusion of the A-Z Challenge yesterday I would compile a good list of my favorites from others that I ready. Then I got not one, but two pings from Niki at Niki’s Thoughts. That’s when I found out she already had a great list put together. In lieu of my regular Sunday Share, I bring you Niki’s list. Please hop over and check it. It’s quite the list!

A Texan's View of Southern Missouri

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

Hey y’all! Welcome to this month’s meet and greet! It’s all about the challenge that just ended and hopefully everyone made it out alive! Near the end I had to pre-schedule some of my posts because I knew I wouldn’t get there otherwise!

So, today is all about the challenge, like I said. You can comment and write what you thought about the whole A-Z challenge, which letters were easiest/hardest, and best of all, bring a link to a favorite post/letter from the challenge, either from another blogger or yourself, or both! Or anything else related to this month long challenge we all just endured.

Talk to each other in the comments. Click on links others posted. Most of all, have fun!

And don’t forget to check out all of these great posts from different bloggers during the challenge! Feel free to re-blog to spread the word, too! 🙂

A to…

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