At Day’s End

I’m posting this one at sunset. It is the end of the alphabet – the letter Z. Zee. Zed. Either way you say, it’s still at the end. I find it fitting to post the end of the alphabet at the end of the day. The symbolism gets me. I get the symbolism.

And it’s at the end of the day we look back and can see how our whole day played out. It seemed just as the sun rose this morning we were infants. New to the world. Innocent and pure as newly fallen snow upon the forest floor. We had the whole day before us to use however we wished.

This afternoon we learned not just walking and talking, but everything else we needed to survive. We found ourselves out on our own in the big wide world. We became whatever it was we wanted to become. Perhaps we had some kids. Some pets. We made a life and the river of life carried us along to sunset.

Now we lie in bed ready for sleep because it’s been a good day. A great day. We’re tired. We’re happy. So we sleep.

Z is for sleep. Zzz. Β But this sleep lasts longer than 8 hours. It lasts forever. This is the end, isn’t it? The end of the alphabet, the end of the day, the end of life. We experienced this end first hand yesterday. Our sweet, baby boy Dozer left us yesterday for the big Ball In The Sky. To say the least, we were devastated. Crash took it pretty hard, as could be expected. It was really hard to look at his empty cage. The mention of his name would bring tears to eyes.

His sun has set and now he sleeps. Sweet dreams our little hamster friend. You will be missed…


26 thoughts on “At Day’s End

    • Like any loss, he still misses Dozer. But he’s feeling better now. We still have Timbit who needs lots of love. Crazy that a whole month is behind, again! Back to regular blogging now.

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  1. Oh Noooo! 😒 always tough when a pet dies. Is this the first time for Crash? Unfortunately hamsters don’t last that long. Poor kid. One of my friends who insists on having hamsters eyeballs her eyes out every other year even at a ripe old age of above 40. She still continues to get her hamster replace…😊


    • Thanks, Terri! A good lesson, though tough. I just made I let him cry and hug him as needed. It’s a bittersweet end. I didn’t really like ending on such a sad note, but thats the way it worked out. Having a letter to write about gave me focus that I’ll muss nowmthat it’s gone πŸ™‚

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  2. You know, this is a beautiful post. For many reasons. Beautiful. I’m sad to hear that you lost Dozer. Some people might think it’s only a pet but they are so much more for us. No matter how big or small they are. Hugs to Crash! Dozer is up there, one of the brightest stars, right next to our dog and my horse and my Dad. He is playing with all of them eating his favorite food and running around having heaps of fun and always keeping an eye on you guys πŸ˜‰


    • Thank you, Sandra. When I wrote it I almost felt like I was putting too much weight on it… it’s just a hamster. But he wasn’t. He was a first pet. He was loved. I’m sure they’re all great friends having a great time up there playing amongst the stars! πŸ™‚

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