N is for… #atozchallenge


Naturally, N is for Noisy.

It’s also for Nosey and Naughty. All of which I wrote about last year and they still apply this year. Not much has changed since last April. They still want to know what we’re watching on the computer. They still crash and bang. They still cause mischief.

Dad! Come here!
Dad! Come watch!
Dad! Come play with me!
Dad! Watch me!
Dad! Dad! Dad!

(Substitute Mom! for the same effect)

High maintenance. That’s what N is for.


Neediness is a spectrum. It’s not like you’re either needy or you’re not. There are varying degrees of neediness. Mine falling on the upper part of that spectrum. Mind you, Crash is more independent because he’s 8. Nevertheless, he will on occasion call me out to the living room just see what’s on TV from time to time. It’s usually something Minecraft from the show “The Gaming Show (in My Parent’s Garage)”. Which can be an interesting show as they do go behind the scenes to talk to game developers.

Bang is forever reciting one of those 5 lines from above. Not to make it sound like we totally ignore the kids, but we do expect them to play on their own. We are not their entertainers.

If he’s watching TV and he seeing something even remotely funny he’ll pause it, rewind it, and call us to watch it. I wish I could take back the day I taught him to use the DVR. Peppa Pig. Jake and the Neverland Pirates. PJ Masks. Special Agent Oso.  Anything else that airs on Disney Jr or Treehouse.

Come watch this!

UGH! I’m making your breakfast. I’m getting lunch ready. I’m cooking supper. I’m in the bathroom. Whenever it’s most inconvenient is when he’ll holler.

He likes to make up games to play, too. I love that he’s being creative and creating his own games, but it’s difficult to play a 4 year old’s made up game. The rules are made up as we go. The rules are usually instructions for us do something. His little way of being the boss. He gets to tell us what to do.

98.5% of the time these games involve two or more trucks smashing into each other.

Don’t get me wrong. I love playing with them. We have some good laughs. But this post has taken me long time write because someone keeps hollering “DAD!”



I know I’m preaching to the choir with this one, but it’s fitting and true.

21 thoughts on “N is for… #atozchallenge

  1. I can’t even imagine! I’m childless, by choice. I never had the desire to be a mom. I don’t know how people do it. I admire parents: that has to be the hardest job on the planet! More power to you!
    One of these days, you’ll look back and giggle at all of this… You’ll be gray by then, but you’ll be laughing…

    Michele at Angels Bark


  2. lol. You’ve definitely got the dad thing down. Kids can definitely be needy! And noisy! And naughty! All of the n words really! 🙂


    • I’m not sure I have the dad thing down as much as I’m going along for the ride (though I am mostly enjoying it). I enjoy the peace and quiet in the morning and look forward to the noise of the morning 🙂


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