H is for… #atozchallenge


If you remember last Sunday’s Post, I hinted that B should have been for Birds and Bees but you would have to wait until H to find out why.

Since then, I’m sure all of you have had sleepless nights  and have been trying to figure out the H word that has to do with the Birds and the Bees.

No, we’re not pregnant. Nor will we ever be again.

H is for these little ones…

H is for hamsters.

A friend of Crash’s gave him an extra hamster cage she didn’t need or want any more. This gave him full rights to get a hamster, of course. So while we were in Truro last weekend, we found a pet store. We didn’t have to look hard, it was in the mall. They had some really cute parrots, too. But we already have a feisty one and we didn’t have $700 on us. But they did have $12 fuzzy butts.

Crash knew exactly which one he wanted. It was hyper as could be and nosey as hell. In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s just like Crash. Appropriate.

Bang wanted the one sleeping in the corner. We tried to convince him to get a cute, little grey one that was curious but not hyper. However, he had his mind made up and not even Taylor Swift and chocolate would sway his decision.

We picked up some food and necessities and booked her for home with the fuzz faces in their box on the seat between the boys.

At home, we set up the cage and got it all ready. Then introduced the critters to their new home. They took a minute to check it out, then went to sleep. Crash named his hamster (the brown and white one) Timbit after seeing a box of said sweets on the counter. Cute name. Bang wanted to name his Backhoe Loader, but he settled for Dozer, instead.

That same evening, after the kids were in bed, the birds and the bees made their appearance. It turns out Timbit has no bits. She’s a she. Dozer has the bits. He’s a he. They were both feeling frisky. Timbit would freeze with her tail in the air while Dozer cleaned himself. Then he climbed on to bump uglies, hide the bishop, hit a homerun, go all the way, copulate, make babies.

DW did some quick research (she Googled it) and found out hamsters can start mating at 28 day old, the half the age of these two. However, they shouldn’t have pups until 5-6 months. As a bonus, they could have up to 24 pups in a litter (though usually only 6-7). WE DO NOT NEED OR WANT 26 HAMSTERS!

DW put the shout-out on Facebook that if anyone had a spare cage kicking around, we needed it. Two hours later we had one. We offered to pay for it, but they said don’t worry about it. THANKS GUYS!

Now Timbit and Dozer are separated. Happy about it? I don’t know about them, but I am. We could have gotten two boys. We could have gotten two girls. But no. We got one of each. Go figure.

They’re still very timid around us and they seem to sleep A LOT. But hopefully that’ll change. We’ve only had them for a week, and they’re still “babies”.  They boys enjoy watching them. Timbit and Dozer will become their responsibility for feeding and water changing.

So, you see? H is for the birds and the bees and why you should keep your hamsters separated.


35 thoughts on “H is for… #atozchallenge

  1. It’s an immutable fact of rodent ownership that if you buy one for each of two children you will end up with a male and a female, no matter what the shop salesman tells you. That’s how we ended up with TWO 3′ x 6′ Guinea pig cages in our quite small house for six years. Sheesh!

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  2. Those fuzzy butts are pretty apt on the birds and bees alright! Separation is a good solution. I wouldn’t know what you’d do with 26 fuzzy butts and maybe the fact that they don’t live beyond 2+ years is a consolation? Then there’s the frequent hammies RIPs to deal with…not always pleasant!


    • Brilliant idea by your pet store. I wish we would have been informed of this before buying! Good for you making them take back the babies. I’m assuming you did that after they didn’t need their mother any more 🙂

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      • Yes, we had to keep them until they were old enough to separate from the mother. Actually, I found it was against the law to sell a pregnant animal, which is why they were willing to take them. It was quite an ordeal.

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  3. I take it by your mention of ‘Timbits’ that you must be a fellow Canucklehead. I am a little over an hour NW of Ottawa. Good idea getting a second cage 😉


  4. My brother and I had a couple of hamsters as kids, and boy are they escape artists! Make sure you’ve got those little lidded rooms for them to crawl around tightly wrapped with a rubber band. They can squeeze themselves through some pretty small spaces. They are awfully cute though 🙂

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  5. We went the smart rodent way. We first adopted a pair of male rabbits, Rintoo and Tolee, from one friend. Later, we adopted two female guinea pigs, Blaster and Midnight, from another friend. We gave homes to animals outgrown by previous owners, and were assured no accidental offspring.

    Midnight is the only one remaining now. She’s ancient and adorable and in love with romaine lettuce!

    Here’s hoping the mating doesn’t result in a mess of little hamlets!

    By the way, I think Backhoe Loader is a perfect name! =D

    Boldly Going Through the Alphabet!
    Part-Time Minion for Holton’s Heroes
    shanjeniah’s Lovely Chaos


    • I know rabbits can live as long dogs. That’s mighty impressive of you to give a home to so many pets. While we love animals, some of are allergic, unfortunately, or we’d have a houseful, too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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      • As a kid, we had a rabbit that lived at least nine years!

        I’m a lifetime critter harborer. Both kids take after me to some extent. At the moment, we have the sole surviving guinea, Midnight, a 75 pound 9 year old pit bull mix named Corki, and a 4 year old formerly feral cat, Squeak. All are adoptees.

        We’re lucky. No one’s allergic here.

        Boldly Going Through the Alphabet!
        Part-Time Minion for Holton’s Heroes
        shanjeniah’s Lovely Chaos

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      • Our parrot is 16, and estimated to live another 10-15. Now we have two “baby” hamsters. Chances are good we’ll stay at quota now that we have them. I can see us getting new ones when these reach their time to leave us.


  6. Good job you separated them early, once they are adults, they would have fought to the death had they been left in together! They’re very cute, hope you all enjoy having them


    • That’s what the lady at the pet store told us. They would fight to the death if left in the same cage. We were taking our chances for now with them so young. We knew they’d eventually hate each other. We weren’t ready for them to love each other! (though love had nothing to do with it)


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  8. Oh that is so funny. And I can relate. We had 3 hamsters at one time – one for each kid. I can’t remember the sex of them but they were in separate cages until they got lose. Then it was track them down time. Two of them also got into a fight and brave mommy had to pull them apart. Lots of fun and excitement. Enjoy


    • Ugh. I hope these 2 don’t get loose. There are far too many places for them hide. We’d have to just set some food out and hope we’re around whe they coe for it. Or set live traps in the same manner we catch mice. You’re a brave mamma for sure to separate fighting hamsters!


  9. I think you’re incredibly brave to invite even one of those things into your home! I once had a cute little white hamster named Rover. The f%&*ing thing would escape constantly and bite like nothing you can imagine. It bit through my fingernails on more than one occasion. Finally, when I was visiting my father during a winter break, my mother through Rover in the dumpster. I was pretty upset at first until she explained that Rover could make a snug “trash palace” with tons of good stuff to eat. Whatever.


    • Just for the record, this was DW’s idea to allow them. While I do like them, they are an added responsibility. They need some one to feed them, water them, and clean their cage. The boys will help, but it will fall mostly to us. Crash has been bitten twice now, but he was trying to pick one up when it didn’t want to be picked up. Excellent explanation about Rover 🙂 He’ll be happier there!

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  10. Dropping by from the A-Z challenge. Funny post. Hope you don’t get any surprises in however long the hamster gestation period is or if you do that it’s only 6-7!


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