E is for… #atozchallenge

EIn this post, I thought of what to say without using an E. Today, it’s all about that E.

Could be for empty. The milk jug is constantly empty. Two boys can go through the milk like a monster truck goes through gasoline. The food cupboard is constantly empty.  Feeding two growing boys requires 3 full time jobs. And they’re not even teenagers, yet!

E could be for energy. But that’s what I did wrote about last year.

This year E will be for endless. Because when you have kids everything is endless.

The mess is endless. Even if you attempt to get them to clean it. Their version of clean will be drastically different than your version. Pretty much like my version is different than DW’s version. Clean is relative. Even if you do clean, they will literally come right behind you wreck it. Just cleaned the bathroom? They’ll pee all over the seat like they were doing Zumba at the same time. The mess is endless.

The noise is endless. There’s a reason I’ve nicknamed them Crash and Bang. The crashes and the bangs are indeed endless. If it’s not the boys crashing and banging then they are the cause of what’s crashing and banging. See exhibit A for evidence…

But mess and noise come with boys. That’s how they’re defined. However, I know some little girls who fit this description, too.

Sibling rivalry is endless. Whatever one has the other wants. The spot on the couch. Whichever toy is in hand.  Unless it’s a Wii game. They rarely agree on which game to play.They excel in driving each other bat shit crazy as much as they do us.

My personal favorite is the questions they ask. So. Many. Questions. I’m not complaining. I love their questions. I love them so much in fact, that I answer them right here on the blog every Friday. I love that they cover the gambit. Everything from police to earthquakes to Bavaria. Even the question, “Are you going to put that question on your blog?” Yes. Yes I am.

But I would be a fool not to end with love. Their love is endless, knows no bounds and really does go to infinity and beyond. When all is said and done we are their parents and they our children. No matter how frustrated they make us while getting ready for school or getting ready for bed. No matter how exasperated they make us while fighting in the back seat. No matter how irritated we become when they’re only goal is to irritate us. Our love is endless.

keep calm

33 thoughts on “E is for… #atozchallenge

    • I surely didn’t want to leave the girls out because I know they fit the bill of noise (and sometimes dirt) just as well as boy. It’s a kid thing 🙂 We roared at his door crashing (and watched it a couple dozen times). Walls, stairs, chairs, tables, doesn’t matter, they crash and bang into all of it.

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  1. We could have given my youngest daughter a similar nickname. Her motto in those first few years of life was leap then look. I tell her she made me old or kept me young? Still haven’t decided which. And she’s grown into a completely amazing adult so keep on keeping on.

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  3. Yes. To all of it.

    We have two boys, and it all (questions, mess, noise, craziness) is Endless…also, for some reason the house sometimes smells like bacon, grass and urine. I don’t understand, but that’s daddyhood, yeah?

    Great read. A great, and all too familiar read!

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