D is for… #atozchallenge


is for the best job in the whole wide world. A job I’ve held for over eight years, 12 years combined. There was a gruelling interview process. There were a few conditions that had to be met prior to filling this position. The perks are incredible. There are few benefits. The pay sucks, though.

From that first moment I found out, Halloween of 2006, I was elated. I only had the vaguest idea of what was to come. However, I knew I was ready for whatever it was.

But was I ready when I found out he’d need open heart surgery when he was five days old? Of course not, but I knew I wasn’t alone. Was I ready when I realized he’d be eight days old before I’d get to hold him for the first time? Of course not, but I knew patience would pay off. Was I ready when he wrapped his tiny hand around my finger and grabbed my heart? Damn straight I was ready.

I am Dad. Deliverer of discipline, developer of dreams, and destroyer of dark thoughts. I am Dad. I play, I laugh, and I cook. I teach them to read and I teach them math. I take them outside and I take them to school. I teach them respect and I teach them the difference between the light side and the dark side.

It’s not a job. It’s not a career. It’s who I am. Just as I am a boy, just as I am introverted, I, too, am a Dad. Just as my dad was before me and his dad was before him. Nothing will ever take that away.

And if B is for Bang, C is for Crash, and D is for Dad,
is also for DW. She’s the one responsible for making me Dad in the first place. We make beautiful babies. We know how to make each other laugh until we drool on ourselves and pee our pants while shoe shopping. We have enough common interests to love each other and enough uncommon interests to keep things interesting. This house wouldn’t be what it is without the determination and devotion with which DW loves us.



28 thoughts on “D is for… #atozchallenge

  1. What an amazing and scary journey you’ve had being introduced into Dad-hood. These things only ever make us stronger, even though they scare the heck out of us at the start. Another well said post 🙂

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    • Thank you for your kind words. It was definitely scary and a little bit confusing coming into dad-hood this way. But you’re right, it only makes us stronger. Our second born came into the world in a more normal fashion 🙂

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  2. Had me thinking in the first few sentence how is ‘d’ your job…what “d”. The 2nd para had me going “aha!” Of course d=dad. Pay sucks? What pay! Lol

    “Deliverer of discipline, developer of dreams, and destroyer of dark thoughts. ” I love that. Could not be more true! Your D post had me smiling all the way. 😊


    • HA My plan worked. I kept you guess for a few lines 🙂 We get paid in hugs, kiss and laughter. Money won’t buy happiness, but hugs, kisses and laughter will keep me in good supply. I like the alliteration there. It was tough coming up with a D word for “nightmare”!


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  4. Poetic and poignant. This is the sort of post that children, when they are old enough to reflect on life a little, will love. A sentimental chronicling of your feelings and role. Thanks for posting I really enjoyed this one! #FabFridayPost


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