Go Ask Your Father: Eclipses, Milk, Sloppiness and Watching

Easter weekend is upon us. The Easter bunny is not prepared here. No worries. He still has tomorrow.

Last year the Bunny hid their chocolates. The boys had to follow clues all over the house to find their clutches of eggs.

Here are their clues. They were written, of course, in poem form. Each clue was left in the clutch of eggs and chocolate to lead them to the next place to look. Easter Bunny Hide and Seek. Chances are good this will happen again!

1. What’s a solar eclipse?

Not to be confused with an Eclipse of the Heart (and those creepy Brighteyes). That was Bonnie Tyler back in ’83. A solar eclipse is when the sun gets blocked by the moon (not by a big head). They happen more frequently than people think. Once source says they occur roughly every 18 months. So there would be two total eclipses visible from somewhere on Earth every three years. The next one will occur on September 1st of this year. If you’re in Africa you’ll be the lucky ones who get to see it. The next one visible in the USA and Canada isn’t until August 21st of next year. I won’t go into penumbras or umbras (not to be confused Umbros, the best soccer shorts ever).


2. Can dogs have milk?

Like Crash and Bang and all us other mammals, we get milk from our mothers as infants (or puppies). Thanks mom! (I’ll spare you the breast feeding rant until another day). Anyway, puppies get milk. But what about dogs? In short, some can and some can’t. Like people, it depends on how they digest lactose. Some people can drink it by the gallon with no effect. If you’re like me then a glass of milk will give you enough gas to supply Exxon Valdez and it peels the paint off the walls. In others, it causes even more distress and can induce diarrhoea and/or vomiting.

I deeply apologize if you’re reading this while eating. I should have warned you.

3. Why does it say “sloppy”?

This was in reference to Bang’s “homework”. Thanks to this site I have an endless supply of dots letters for him trace. He was supposed to be practicing writing his letters by tracing the dotted lines. This has the added practice of holding the pencil properly. His brother’s “homework” was solving five subtraction problems with borrowing regrouping. However, the two of them working at the kitchen table together only created two class clowns. Apparently we’re better teachers of other people’s kids than we are of our own. Crash poked holes in his paper. Bang decided he’d scribble instead of trace.  Mind you, he still made his letters. But it wasn’t even in the same area code as neat. Even by a 4 year old’s standards. (Unfortunately, I forgot to keep the sloppy copy)


This is a neat one. The sloppy one wasn’t legible.

Note: Their homework was assigned by their teacher parents, not their teacher teachers. 

4. Watch this!

Not a question. I know. But it’s the toddler equivalent of “hold my beer”. You know something hysterical (or stupid) is about to happen. One day it was Crash attempting to snowboard down a 14′ snow bank. One day it was Crash attempting to ride his bike down the front porch steps (I put a stop to that one). One day it was bang jumping off the 6th stair. One day it was me sledding off the neighbor’s garage roof (that was many years ago). Today it was clever. Possibly funny, if you’re 4 or 8 years old. Imagine. One Matchbox car (a dinky). Four feet of race track. Two launchers just to make sure the car is up to speed. Then it slams into a wall of Jenga blocks. I slowed it down for your viewing enjoyment.

16 thoughts on “Go Ask Your Father: Eclipses, Milk, Sloppiness and Watching

  1. I played my son this video and he said, “Again!”, so I’ve basically seen it 5 times already…oh wait, he’s saying ” Again” again. 😛


  2. You are so right about that, being better teachers of other people’s kids than our own. I have next to no patience with LM sometimes!

    The Easter clues sound fun! I bought their stuff earlier this week, plan to make a cake in the shape of an egg of the bunny and let them decorate tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh, Easter was so much more fun when my kids were little like yours. This year we aren’t even dying eggs. Of course we will still have chocolate but mostly because Hubby and I really want some. 😊 Enjoy your holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

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