Go Ask Your Father: Prodigies, Screws, Rabbits, and Rocket Boosters

Racquetball is a fun sport. While living in Virginia I had a few racquetball buddies and I’d play 3-4 times a week for an hour or two. A couple years ago I discovered the racquetball court here in town. I haven’t met as many regulars, as many buddies, as I had down south. Plus, I don’t have as much time as did back then.

The kids discovered my racquetball equipment. “Can we go play racquetball?” was playing on repeat. I’m all for physical education and being fit and all, but I was kind of really nervous about putting two kids I call Crash and Bang in an enclosed room, arming them with rackets, and providing rubber balls for ammunition. I didn’t bode well.

So we played. Bang got hit once by Crash. Was just a tap and didn’t even leave a mark. I got hit in the back of the head. Again, just a tap (I’m familiar with the shots that leave bruises). Crash got hit on a butt cheek. That one left a little red mark and stung for a second.

One was mad because he kept missing the ball. The other was mad because the ball never came back to him and he didn’t want to go get it. These two are destined for desk jobs in a cubical where they don’t have to move all day.

1. What’s a prodigy?

  1. a person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities.

We were watching a new show called Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey. I highly recommend it. It’s not a competition. It’s more like a talent show without judges. Anyway, one four year old, Evan, had been practising the piano for a few months. Yes. A few months. Needless to say, he had a knack for it. Or ear, rather. And fingers. He’s Bang’s age! I can’t even get mine to keep the Legos in the bag!

That is a prodigy.

2. What are twisted inclined planes?

Is it wrong of me to illicit questions? Crash picked up a screw and said, not surprisingly, “I found a screw”. So I said, “It’s a twisted inclined plane.” I provoked this question. I’m glad he asked. He passed the test.

6377First off, an inclined plane is a fancy name for a ramp. It’s one of a number of simple machines. Like the wheel and axle. Or a wedge. Or a pulley. Anyway, if you take that simple inclined plane and wrap it around something you get a screw. (Completely different than getting screwed. Noun vs. verb) Think spiral staircase. Or an actual screw. Or instead of the playground slide that goes straight, the slide that goes around and around around until you reach the bottom, dizzy and screwed.

3. Can we get a rabbit?


We’re not rabbit people. We’re bird people. We’d be dog people if DW wasn’t so allergic. (I’m not blaming her. I’m blaming her allergies. Her allergies don’t care if I blame them) Once upon a time we were bearded dragon people. And turtle people. We’re not rabbit people. It’s one of those things the explanation is more difficult than it’s worth. Cats vs dogs. SUV vs Minivan. Superman vs Batman.

Plus we have a mean bird who would provide us with four lucky rabbit’s feet. Not sure why they’re considered lucky. I don’t imagine the rabbit feels the same way.


Piper – The 8 inch tall bird that would eat the rabbit

4. What if a rocket booster fell in our backyard?

shuttleboostersFirst off, this will never happen. The Toronto Maple Leafs have slightly better odds at winning the Stanley Cup than a rocket booster landing on our trampoline. NASA launches their rockets over the water and because they’re way good at math, they know exactly where they’ll land. Usually, they’re recovered and used again. The main rocket booster hangs on longer and burns up in Earth’s atmosphere. The space shuttle launches ended in 2011, though. Astronauts now hitch hike with the Russians to get to the ISS upon the Soyez rockets. But the US still sends supply loads to the ISS and satellites into space so there is still use for solid rocket boosters to propel rockets through the first stage of their ascent. But I suppose if one did happen to fall in our yard we could attach them to our truck so the cops could never catch me! Then we’d be twisted inclined planed!


30 thoughts on “Go Ask Your Father: Prodigies, Screws, Rabbits, and Rocket Boosters

  1. My husband is a huge racquetball fan as well, but the thought of my three sons joining him in that tiny room makes me shudder. I wonder if the ER accepts reservations…


  2. I haven’t played racquetball in a long time. There aren’t as many courts around here as there used to be. Your little ones ask very good questions. When my one son was about three he said he’d like to live in China because then he’d be upside down all the time.


    • Racquetball seems to be losing the popularity contest. I’ve played on and off since I was 12. So mine are still a bit on the young side (they’re 4 and 8). They are inquisitive. Once my oldest realized I am bloggig his questions, he keen on asking more.


  3. Oooh, racquetball is fun. I played some in college. Not so fun when you play with idiots who hit you in the face, though.

    That rocket booster question is legit. I spent a couple months having anxiety attacks over worrying a satellite would drop on our house. Okay, maybe not so legit.

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  5. I had 2 bearded dragons in my day: Mr. Sexy and Bowser. Mr. Sexy lived for a wonderful 14 years. We had Bowser for about 5 until I spawned our second child. I just couldn’t take 2 kids, 3 stupid cats, a husband, and a lizard. We found him a good home, however, and he was much loved.
    I may never ever in a million years get another cat. But I might be persuaded to get another dragon.


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