Windows 10 Start Menu Doesn’t Work

Did you download/upgrade to Windows 10?

Did you do it intentionally? I didn’t. I have a happy clicker 8 year old. He downloaded it for me. “Hey,” he said. “It was FREE”!

I like Windows 10. Mostly. The layout is very similar to that of a tablet. But everything is still in it’s familiar Windows 7 place. Mostly. It runs fine.

Except for the start menu. It tends to take frequent vacations.

Did your windows menu, the start menu, stop working, too? Does it restart your computer every time you click on it? That’s what mine does.

win10 err

I have found several ways to try to fix it. None of them worked.

This is only way that has worked for me. I’ve had to do it twice now.
1) Push control I (capital i) at the same time.
2) This bring up the settings menu. Click “Updates and Security”
3) In the left hand menu click “Recovery”
4) On the right hand side, click “Get Started”
5) Click “Keep my files and setting”

Then you’re off and running. It will reinstall Windows 10. It will not remove your personal files. It will, however, remove any apps and programs you have installed. So, if I were you, I’d make a list of what programs you have installed and what bookmarks you have on whichever internet browser you use so that you reinstall them after Windows is done reinstalling itself. If you understood that, welcome to the Geek Club.

I don’t have any games loaded on to my computer so I can’t confirm if it removes those. I know it did remove Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Skype, my WordPress App, and Norton Security.



33 thoughts on “Windows 10 Start Menu Doesn’t Work

  1. After upgrading my laptop does not shit down properly I have to actually leave my finger on the button to shut it off because my wifi light stays on as if it were in sleep mode and I’ve spoke to someone from HP and they did it through a share screen type of help on the computer for me and it helped but then it went and did it again so i dont know what’s going on but my laptop runs fine for everything else.


    • The released the stupid thing to us before it was done so we get to be the guinea pigs and tell them what doesn’t work. Good thing it was free or it wouldn’t be worth the box it was shipped in. Fortunately, mine isn’t that big that big of a problem. Just a major nuisance.


    • I had that problem, too! That laptop died recently (from related/unrelated causes?). But it was driving me nuts. I’d keep reminding my husband to press the button down or it wouldn’t shut down…yes, it will, he said…then it didn’t, and I had to fix it, so many times. Glad to know it wasn’t just me!

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  2. CRACK UP!!

    I have been asking my hubby whether I should upgrade and his response is always –

    It’s free for a reason. They get everyone to download it now as a test run. They want you to find the glitches and complain about them. Once all of them have been ironed out, then they’ll start charging you an arm and a leg to get it.

    Kind of funny that you got in by accident 🙂


  3. I get a permission issue trying to run programs after the update. I also can’t chnage my background on my desktop either. I’m glad I run dual boot with linux on the computer.


  4. I have upgraded to Windows 10 and have had no problems with it. but then again I installed a brand new hard drive in my laptop, loaded Windows 8.1 on it, and upgraded from there so it was upgraded on a brand new clean hard drive.


  5. I changed over to Windows 10 a while back. Mine wouldn’t even get to Start Menu. I would turn it on, then the screen would go white and stay that way. We figured out a way to uninstall it then reinstall it and it fixed the problem. But, like you said, it deleted all of the extra programs and I had to reinstall them. Thankfully, I had the disc still to install Microsoft Office back on. All of my pictures and documents stayed put, thank goodness. 🙂


    • So happy it kept your files. I told Crash while it was reinstalling that if it deleted all my files I was going to my bed and I was going to cry. He laughed, but I was serious! Like you, I still had the disk to install MS Office, thankfully.


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