The Bath That Was Meant to Be



This one makes your bath look like deep space

Have you ever thought “I was meant to take that bath”? Me either.

However, last night Bang took a bath. Mostly because he just wanted to use mom’s his bath bomb from Lush. We don’t make it to the big city very often. Once or twice a year, maybe. So when we go, we have to stop at the big mall. Mostly for the big escalators and the glass elevator. FitBit says I get 2 flights of stairs for walking up the escalator.

Back on topic…

One of the treats is to stop into Lush and pick up bath bombs. They’re basically fancy bubble baths. Without the bubbles. They fizz and turn the water really cool colors. And they smell really nice, too. They’re safe for sensitive skin. Both boys have skin that will react to the simplest substances sometimes. But, this isn’t a commercial for Lush. (Or at least not until they start sending us bath bombs to try).

Last night’s bath bomb was one DW picked out and was planning on using eventually. (I didn’t pick one. Dad’s don’t bathe) She gave it up and let Bang use it. It turned the water an interesting greenish color. To me it looked like someone dropped highlighter fluid in there.

green tub

Looks like Jello

He had a blast playing in it. After the bomb was done sizzling out and there was nothing left of it Bang hollers “Look what I found on the bottom of the tub!” He hands his mom a piece of paper. DW says that because of this piece of paper that bath bomb was meant for him all along.


A bath bomb with his name in it

That’s right. BANG is what was on that piece of paper. Bang, the nickname I have given him for this blog. He was destined to have that bath bomb. DW called Crash and I up to show us. We laughed and I said, “Hang on to that. That’s blog material right there.” So here I am blogging about Lush’s bath bombs that turn the water funny colors, smell  pretty and say BANG on the inside.

Naturally, Crash wants a bomb that has the word CRASH in it. While he might not have gotten a bath bomb with his name in it that day, he did get a fun game that is rightfully named after him. I’ll fill you in on that game tomorrow.


17 thoughts on “The Bath That Was Meant to Be

  1. lol Too funny! I didn’t even know the Lush bath bombs had anything inside, and that’s just the perfect thing to find. XD I’m imagining a kind of Schrodinger situation now, where that piece of paper wouldn’t have existed if DW had been the one to use the bomb. lol

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    • The smell of the store is almost overwhelming. So many different strong scents. And God forbid if you smell a bath bomb with it too close to your nose and start snorting the stuff…


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